Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Christmas Scandal

So after the big fiasco over not attending the family Thanksgiving get together it got worse. Hubby and I are causing quite the scandal this year.

Let me go back a little. We had a very quiet Thanksgiving, just me and Hubby, hanging out at home and relaxing. Hubby talked to Samantha on Friday and found out that her boyfriend had to work on Saturday, so our Thanksgiving dinner was moved to Sunday. No problem for me as I was off on Monday as well. So, Friday was another relaxing day.

On Saturday, I started making things that could be make ahead and prepping ingredients for easy mixing on Sunday. Meredith called Saturday evening and she and the boys were on their way back from New Orleans. She said, “I heard that you are having your dinner tomorrow…..can we come?” LOL! I said “Of course.” I told her she didn’t even need to ask, but she said she wanted to make sure we had enough food. I laughed and asked her if we had ever had a shortage of food at our house. She laughed too.

So, Sunday morning, I cooked and cooked. Hubby helped and also helped with some furniture arranging, as it has been a while since we had a bunch of people over. And, oh yeah, we live in an apartment.

Dinner was wonderful, the company was wonderful and we all had a good time. I took some pics, but they are all at home and I am not.

The only bad part was that after eating and while we were all visiting, we learned that Hubby’s sister had apparently gone even crazier than we thought and she was sending messages to everyone on the family through Facebook. It was like she was trying to get our kids to side against us. Meredith said, “I didn’t even know what I was supposed to say, so I just deleted it.” SIL even sent a message about me to the kids’ mom! How lame is that?! Mere and Sam said that their mom asked what was going on between me and SIL. She also did not respond to SIL.

I try to put all this aside and go on, but Hubby was furious about the messages to Meredith. So, last week, he told me that he was NOT going the Christmas get together at his mom’s. What??? We have gone for the last 13 years. The first time I went was when we were dating and, of course, Hubby has gone every year. So, I told him he needed to go for his mom and just stay away from his sister.

He then told me more about the argument they had on the phone over Thanksgiving, about things that his sister had done and said in the past and said that she has gone too far and he doesn’t want to be around her. He was so upset that I told him that I finally understood and that he needed to explain the same thing to MIL when he told her we weren’t coming. He told me I could go, but if I wanted to celebrate Christmas without my husband, I would go to Tennessee and see MY family.

After thinking about it, I realized that I don’t really care if we go there. I love my MIL. I love my kids. I love my grandkids. But I can do without my SILs and I guess Hubby can too.

So, we are being scandalous this year and not attending the family celebration. I think it will be a good Christmas. MIL told Hubby she understands, but SIL has been sending "can't we all get along for Mom's sake" emails. Hubby is ignoring them. I think I will too. Much less stress if I don't get into it with her.


spaghetti0625 said...

Look at you, Miss Troublemaker LOL
I agree with you...nobody needs stress in their lives, and if this is a constant stress, GOOD RIDDANCE!:)

Frances said...

Technically, spaghetti, Hubby is the troublemaker. I am just going along for the ride. LOL!

spaghetti0625 said...

Mmmmm hmmmm, blame the hubby....but I bet you're enjoying the ride hahahaha LOL :)

Frances said...

LOL! You are right. I do not mind a bit missing all the drama his sisters create at family gatherings.

McVal said...

Wow! My SIL that I love tricked one of my BILs to host this year because it's ALWAYS hosted by US! Said BIL was supposed to host last year and they pooped out at the last minute so it landed back at my house.
I'm so sorry you have to through all that. It does seem easier to just stay out of the drama tho, doesn't it? I wish we could!

Frances said...

Yeah for not having to host this year, McVal. (Unless, of course, you wanted to.)

My family just is not dramatic. I didn't think Hubby's was super dramatic, but some people are getting that way. LOL!