Friday, July 26, 2013

Can’t you let go of that phone?

Sorry I have been missing in action. I wonder if anyone missed me. LOL! I have been trying to keep up with blogs, but have not been so successful.

On June 25, Hubby had another surgery on his foot. It was not a major one, but he had to stay totally off of it for a week. He was almost successful. In order to try to get him to stay off of it, I did a lot more around the house than I normally have to. I did laundry, cooking, dishes, ran to the library, grocery shopped, checked the mail, vacuumed, and waited on Hubby hand and foot.

Oh, and I still went to work every day. So all that was done after I got home at 6 and on the weekend. I found out that I am SO spoiled.

Of course, I didn’t mind a bit.

Work has been crazy, busy, so when I get home I just want to chill. Yesterday, we had a big layoff and my team lost one person. I asked my boss if I could volunteer for the next round and he said his training had not addressed that question. LOL! Lest you worry about my job, NO ONE wants to do it, so, I am probably safe for a while.

And my subject line? I am curious as to why people seem to have a death grip on their phones no matter where they are. This morning on the bus I noticed people not on their phones, not playing a game or listening to music, just clutching those phones.

And why do people carry them in the bathroom??? I don't want someone to listen to me pee.

They cannot all be on-call brain surgeons.

I guess I am not addicted to my phone.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

That little thing cost how much???

Did I tell you Hubby had surgery last week? Just a minor one.  The surgeon was pleased and Hubby did fine.

Hubby was good for a week and stayed off of it to get it on the road to healing. On Monday, July 1, he had his followup appointment. He called me at work to tell me his car would not start. Ugh! It had been sitting there for a week, but it certainly should have started. Fortunately, we have roadside assistance, so he called it for parking lot assistance. Much easier than me leaving work early, catching the bus, driving home from the park and ride to jump his car an hour later. Plus, that's what we pay for and we rarely use.

The guy got there, jumped the car and told Hubby that he thought the battery was bad, so Hubby drove straight to WalMart to buy a new one. He rescheduled his appointment for the next day. He didn't want to wait for me to get home and go as he didn't know if the car would start again if he turned it off. Cost of new battery...$112.

I was home by the time he was done at WalMart and he called to tell me that his brake lights would not turn off even after the car was turned off. What??!!!. So he drove it to our mechanic, who was already closed. I met him there and we left the car, dropping a note in the drop box with the key and left it sitting there with the brake lights on.

Since one car was in the shop, that meant I had to come home early to take Hubby to his doctor appointment. He had to go on Tuesday as his doctor's office was closing the next day through the end of the week for the 4th of July.

We got a call in the morning from the mechanic that we needed a brake pedal stop because the one on Hubby's car had broken. I didn't even know what that was! But it cost $106 to replace it. I looked it up when I got home and it is one of these:
I  am not sure exactly how big one is, but it can't be too big and it looks like it pops right in to a hole somewhere. So, $92 in labor sounded kinda high. But since I didn't even know these existed, I sure couldn't have replaced it. And our mechanic has always been pretty reasonable, so I guess it was okay.

Fortunately, despite the medical bills we have been paying out, we are were very able to pay  a couple of hundred dollars to have Hubby's car back to running like new, Oh, and the mechanic also cleaned and adjusted the brakes which were making noise. They said it would only cost $60 until I told them that we had lifetime warranty on the brakes all around from another shop. So, they said they would go ahead and do it for us, since it would not take too long. LOL!

So happy we are able to afford minor car repairs without having to worry about it.