Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Where did all this stuff come from?

We are moving to a downstairs apartment at the end of June. Hubby finally agreed that moving downstairs was the suitable option now. My knees don't like the stairs anymore and Hubby's leg doesn't care for them so much either.

We have plenty of time to get ready for this move, so have started sorting and getting ready to pack up stuff. For previous moves, Hubby always scoured stores and got free boxes, but this time I thought he did not need to be doing so much running around, so after researching options and pricing, I ordered boxes from U Haul. Yes, U Haul. They were delivered right to our door in 4 days and the price was very reasonable. Hubby decided that he was okay with not having to run around.

So, we started sorting and I don't know where all this crap came from. Here is what is headed for the dumpster...
I don't know what is in all the bags as Hubby bagged up some. I don't want to even see what he threw away. He promised not to throw away anything of mine. I did throw away my two long winter coats. They are both SO OLD and I am always having to stitch something up on them. So, I told Hubby I was trashing them and would get a NEW coat next winter. Yes, a new one!

These bags are headed to the thrift store...
These bags contain a bunch of clothes that I finally weeded out of my closet and the final batch of jerseys Hubby had in his ebay closet. He is done with ebay forever.

He also surprised me by adding his golf clubs tot he pile...two sets...
And we had already sent several bags of stuff as donations to my mother in law's church for their garage sale. Their sale was last weekend, so we just had to throw together what we could for her. I sent a bunch of tampons and sanitary napkins that aren't needed in my house. LOL! And that was after I weeded out a dozen boxes of tampons for Samantha. I am also giving Sam 10 bottles of body wash. Hubby and I don't use it and she is happy to take it off our hands.

My HBA stockpile is much smaller, but it is plenty for us. We are being ruthless and we have just started. LOL!'s a good thing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Well, it was good enough for Jesus."

What is going on, you guys?!

I have been way to busy since getting back from vacation. Since I am such a dedicated employee, I took a loaner laptop with me and actually WORKED ON MY VACATION. What is WRONG with me?????

Well, at least it was OT, so a little extra cash. probably covered the whole cost of our vacation! I feel much better now.

When I got back to work, I went into the deep end. Things are all up in the air as a major restructuring is in the works, so there are all these "secret meetings" going on. LOL! I have been with the company for 15 years, so have seen this many times over the years and it does not worry me. But it worries some people.

PLUS, one of my team members is just buried, so I graciously volunteered to learn about Bankruptcy in order to help her out. She is really nice and I felt so bad for her and since some of my work load has gotten a little lighter, I figured I would be a nice co-worker. But I have been working 9 1/2 - 10 hour days and I am TIRED. It does not help that my commute each day is one hour each way, so 12 hour days for me. But it won't last forever....hopefully.

On the home front, Hubby has been having issues with nerve pain in his feet. Not unusual for diabetics. His dr had prescribed Lyrica but it made Hubby's lower leg swell a lot. Not a good thing as that is the leg that he had the bypass in. So he quit taking the Lyrica and talked to the dr. His dr recommended "some natural stuff" according to Hubby. I looked at the brochure for Benfotiamine, which the dr is now selling in his office and then went looking on Amazon for a reasonably priced version of it. And I found some.

While I was looking I found another recommended item for neuropathy pain called Frankinsense and Myrrh Neuropathy. It got great reviews, so I told him and asked him if he wanted to try some.

He said, "Well, it was good enough for Jesus."
So I ordered some. I will let you know if either of them work for him in case you know someone else that suffers from neuropathy pains.

Well, back to work for a while. Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Where have I been?

I have been at the casino!

Jealous, SonyaAnn??

Hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on April 26 and on April 27 we headed to the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana for some celebrating.

When I told Hubby we could go, he had scheduled to have our bathtub refinished, so it was a  productive as well as fun week.

We got to the casino on Sunday afternoon and checked in to our FREE chalet. I have written about the chalets...they are little mini modular homes that are set up really nice with a living area, kitchen and separate bedroom. I like it better than the hotel rooms since if one person wants to sit up all night, they don't disturb the other.

We stayed 3 nights and had a great time. We didn't gamble as much as usual, though we took enough money. We are both a little crippled, so just didn't go over to the casino as many times. But we gambled enough. I left up $30 for the trip and Hubby was the loser this time, but he didn't lose a lot, so the trip was pretty cheap as we had a free room for 3 nights, a couple of free meals and ate food that we took with us.

So a lovely and pretty frugal anniversary trip.

And a brand new bathtub when we got home.

It has been a good week!