Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hubby is having surgery...again.

Darling Hubby is Diabetic and has had many problems with his feet. We have had many surgeries and many hospital stays, so it seems pretty routine to us. Hubby has to have foot surgery tomorrow. Usually, he has foot surgery as an outpatient and is home the same day. This time, he has to go in the hospital as he is having surgery On BOTH feet, silly doctor. So, he will be in a wheelchair for a couple of weeks, stuck at home, since we live in a second floor apartment. We will get him upstairs the day after surgery, then he is staying put.

Well, except that the doctor wants Hubby to come by for a followup. I may remind said doctor that we live in a second floor apartment and tell him that he can just come by on the way home from work. We are right on the way. LOL! I wonder if that would work? Probably not, though I may try to come up with some way to keep him from having to go. Maybe I could take pics of Hubby's feet and send them to the doctor.

Hubby usually cooks all our meals during the week, but I don't know if he can reach the stovetop from a seated position. He has not practiced using the wheelchair, so I don't know what he can reach. I will be doing most of the cooking. (I say most, since I figure Hubby will figure out some way to cook. LOL!) I never generate as many leftovers as he does, so, I will end up with fewer lunches for work. Hence the frozen dinners mentioned in my last post.

Of course, I could be a really good wife and make up a bunch of dinners on the weekends that Hubby can just throw in the oven. Or the crockpot. That is probably the best idea, as I will still be going to work everyday.

Well, except for Thursday and Friday. I never make Hubby go alone to have surgery. I am just that nice.

Here is where Hubby will be stuck for a while.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love Kroger!

I really do! I usually go grocery shopping on Saturday, sometimes Sunday. But this weekend, I as busy on both days, and since I was off on Monday, I decided to go then.
First off, what is WITH people that shop during the week? I have never seen so many people yelling into their cell phones and yelling for other people. You know, one person is in your aisle, but starts yelling for some one not in that aisle. I only hope that it is for someone in the next one, and not that my store is full of invisible people. And loonies that talk to them. Of course, they could have all just had a day off like me. But they were whacked!
Well, besides those little annoyances, had a great trip. I only went for some deals and milk, but as I was walking out of the apartment, hubby handed me his list, which included a bunch of produce. (He had a roast in the crockpot and needed veggies.)
With the sale and coupons, I got a lot of great freebies and cheapies! BBQ Sauce free, Cool Whip for $.50/tub, salad dressing for $.19/bottle. I also got 5 12 packs of Dr. Pepper products for $8! On sale 5/$10 and I had 2 $1 coupons. I don't find Dr. Pepper coupons often. I was pretty happy.
I found a nice roast in the manager's bargain bin for $4.06. It is in the freezer now. I bought a few frozen dinners. Hubby is having surgery, so was worried I would not have enough lunches. LOL!
The best thing I found was Kroger brand Claritin in the clearance section. 90 pills for $2.49!! I bought 4 boxes. That is a year's worth of claritin for $10! I use it every day, so was happy about that find. The regular price was $24.99/bottle!! I saved $22.50/bottle!
I ended up spending $47.47, and saved $50.70! 52%! Not the greatest, but I had to buy produce...some not on sale....and drugs, so I am not complaining a bit. It was a good day!!
I didn't give more details about the deals, as this is the last day of the sale. Besides all of you that have Kroger probably already did the deals for this sale. LOL!

I tried to space this into separate paragraphs, but it did NOT work.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Going Back in time....

Recently, I re-found my best friend from junior high school through Facebook. We had been inseperable through jr. high and our first year of high school, then became "unfriends." How that happened is a really long story that I only found out when we got back together recently. LOL! We were silly girls and should have made up way back then, but both were too stubborn I guess.

We were HUGE Star Trek fans! Yes, we were Trekkies before it became a phenomenom to be Trekkies. We were so into it, that she was determined that she would grow up to marry Capt. Kirk and I planned to marry Mr. Spock. Okay, we were geeks.....big geeks....before it was even called geeky. LOL!

We are going tomorrow to see the Star Trek movie, then to dinner to discuss it in depth. LOL! Seeing the movie will be fun. Seeing my friend will be even more fun!

My jr. high sweetheart! LOL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Because I am a geek...

I watched the Price is Right on-line and took screen shots of hubby. LOL!

In this one, he is the guy in a black shirt giving high 5s to the guy in the yellow shirt.

This one is blurry...they all are LOL....but here he is smack dab in the middle of the screen right under the credits. LOL!

He was in the credits a couple of times...mostly clapping, but you can tell above that he spotted the camera! LOL! I am such a geek, but had to commemorate my hubby's tv debut!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Price is Right!

The episode of The Price is Right that hubby went to will air on Tuesday, May 19! I just found out....he thought it was going to air in July. Hubby was sitting on the end of the second or third row and said that a couple of contestants ran by him when called down. He High Fived one of them. So, if you get a chance to watch, keep your eye out for a tall blonde guy! LOL!

If you didn't get to see, and you want to, you can go here tomorrow:

The Price is Right

I found that you can watch the episodes on line. Today, 5/18 and previous is up, so I figure today's show should be up tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Too precious not to share!

I was going to post some of hubby's pics of the Grand Canyon, but decided to post these instead.

Grandpa Bobby and Theo

Grandpa Bobby and Wyatt

That's my sweetie-pie and 2 of our precious grandsons.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bobby is home!

And I am so happy! He got home yesterday while I was at work and I was really glad, since that meant he unloaded the car before I got home. LOL! I WOULD have helped, but am really glad I didn't have to. The living room was piled high with everything and it will take a couple of days to get it all put up.

I am so glad he is home! He was gone 3 1/2 weeks...the longest we have been apart since we met 13 years ago! He had a great trip and got some amazing pics...I will post some this weekend. He was at the Grand Canyon last weekend. (He did not take this pic...I just needed one for today. LOL!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am a happy mom today!

I have talked about my kids before, but haven't explained that they are actually my stepkids. I never wanted to have children, but when I met Bob, I totally fell in love with his 3 beautiful little ones. Fortunately for me, they fell in love with me! When I married Bob, I married our kids and I love them all dearly! Over the years, they have lived back and forth with us and their mom for various reasons.

Usually Mother's Day is for their "real" mom. When they lived with us, Bob took them to get me gifts. Since they moved out, if I saw them, they would wish me a happy Mother's Day, but I didn't always hear from them.

Today, Meredith, the oldest called me to wish me a happy Mother's Day! Samantha, our middle one, wished me a happy Mother's Day on her Facebook, calling me "one of the best two mommies in the world." And our youngest, Chance...well, I haven't heard from him since he is in Iraq, but his wife sent me a message that he was thinking about me and trying to send me flowers, but was having problems with his internet connection. In this case, it is definitely the thought that counts.

I love my kids! I love my grandkids! I love my life!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Shameless grandma bragging....

Okay....I'm a stalker. I admit it. But sometimes you have to be to get what you want. I have been stalking my son-in-law's Picassa album and he put up some baby pictures! NEW BABY pictures!

Yeah! Well, there are pics of the "old" baby, too. LOL!

So, I thought I would share..... These are of my almost 3-year-old grandson, Theo, and his new baby brother, Wyatt. Aren't they adorable??!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hubby did not get on stage...

He DID however get on TV. LOL! He said he was in the end seat on the second or third row and at least one contestant that was called came running right by him. (Maybe more than one, but I forget. LOL!)

He said it was a long day, but he met some nice people and had a pretty good time. But he was a little ticked that 4 out of the 6 people that were picked were "locals". LOL! He said other out-of-towners, like him, were not happy about it.

Oh, well, luck of the draw I guess. I can be thankful that he didn't win some huge prize and decide to just live in California. LOL!

No Plinko for Bobby. :-(

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomorrow my husband will be


That's right! On his way home from being a "manny" for our daughter, he has stopped in Los Angeles to go on The Price is Right! Taping it tomorrow and it will air sometime in July, he said.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed that he gets picked and gets to go on stage. Even if he didn't win a thing, it would be hysterical to get him up there with Drew.

Cross your fingers, my friends!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The new baby

Here is the first pic of Meredith and Wyatt. It was taken on my son-in-law, Billy's, cell phone, so is not the best. But, hey, I got a pic!

Great Deal Alert on L'Oreal Revitalift

I don't usually post deal alerts, as someone always beats me to them, but I haven't seen anything about this one. Walgreens has Loreal Revitalift Deep Wrinkle Repair for $13.99 this week! Regular price on this is $19.99, so if you buy this, this is great savings. There are coupons out there for $1 or $2 off. I am at work or would go look for the links to them. Sorry, guys!

A little background on why this is a great deal for ME.
A few weeks ago, hubby came into the bathroom while I was in the bathtub. He was in a panic! He JUST realized that he has crow's feet. LOL! He was staring in the mirror and going on and on about them. I said, "Honey, you've had those for a couple of years." That didn't matter. He wanted me to tell him what to use on them to get rid of them RIGHT THEN. Well, I explained that I didn't have anything, since I have NO wrinkles. (smirk) I use a night cream with alpha hydroxy, but it is not for deep wrinkles.
So, I offered to do some research to find out what he should use. He wanted to know RIGHT THEN, so he could go buy some the next day. LOL! So I found some great review on the Revitalift and that is what he decided to go get. AT FULL PRICE! When it comes to vanity, I guess you can't put a price on it. LOL! Luckily, I found a $1 coupon and he went and bought it at FULL PRICE of $19.99 at Walgreens the next morning.
He has been using it for a couple of weeks now, but I don't know how it is working, since he is still out of town. Maybe his crows feet will be gone when he gets back. Hmmm? Maybe?
Anyway, if you NEED Revitalift at your house, like I do, this is a great price. not Walgreens and get yours. Sale ends Saturday, 5/2.