Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Deal Alert on L'Oreal Revitalift

I don't usually post deal alerts, as someone always beats me to them, but I haven't seen anything about this one. Walgreens has Loreal Revitalift Deep Wrinkle Repair for $13.99 this week! Regular price on this is $19.99, so if you buy this, this is great savings. There are coupons out there for $1 or $2 off. I am at work or would go look for the links to them. Sorry, guys!

A little background on why this is a great deal for ME.
A few weeks ago, hubby came into the bathroom while I was in the bathtub. He was in a panic! He JUST realized that he has crow's feet. LOL! He was staring in the mirror and going on and on about them. I said, "Honey, you've had those for a couple of years." That didn't matter. He wanted me to tell him what to use on them to get rid of them RIGHT THEN. Well, I explained that I didn't have anything, since I have NO wrinkles. (smirk) I use a night cream with alpha hydroxy, but it is not for deep wrinkles.
So, I offered to do some research to find out what he should use. He wanted to know RIGHT THEN, so he could go buy some the next day. LOL! So I found some great review on the Revitalift and that is what he decided to go get. AT FULL PRICE! When it comes to vanity, I guess you can't put a price on it. LOL! Luckily, I found a $1 coupon and he went and bought it at FULL PRICE of $19.99 at Walgreens the next morning.
He has been using it for a couple of weeks now, but I don't know how it is working, since he is still out of town. Maybe his crows feet will be gone when he gets back. Hmmm? Maybe?
Anyway, if you NEED Revitalift at your house, like I do, this is a great price. not Walgreens and get yours. Sale ends Saturday, 5/2.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info and the laugh! Very well written. I wish I could say that I didn't have any wrinkles!

Frances said...

I'm glad it made you laugh. It REALLY made me laugh. Though hubby didn't find it nearly as humorous as I did. LOL!

(I have good genes!)

A.Marie said...

I couldn't stop laughing about husband probably wouldn't find it amusing either; tell your husband that I prefer to call mine "laugh crinkles." HAHAHAHA! No crows feet for me! Just like I tell people that I WILL NOT dye the gray in my hair, because I have EARNED each and every one of them! HA!

A.Marie said...

Oh, I forgot to say a big "thank you" for the awesome deal post. I'm going to linky it onto my blog, so that my twin sister, who is so vain----which, by the way, if she reads this, I am soooo dead :)---- can read about it.

Frances said...

LOL! A.Marie! For several years, I have told hubby that when he laughs, his eyes look like Santa Claus! LOL! This is a GOOD thing, because I LOVE Santa Claus!

I don't have wrinkles because I inherited my mom's incredibly oily skin. It drove me crazy in my teens, but now I don't mind. I will have wrinkles someday, but they will be "happy wrinkles."

And I DO color my hair. I was born blonde and I intend to stay that way!

I plan to run get another bottle of the Revitalift for Hubby's stockpile. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Frances-You have issues! Have you seen bad Santa? If you have you get the joke and are more naughty than I could ever of imagined! If you haven't seen it, you need to!!

Frances said...

I've SEEN Bad Santa and he is the ONE Santa I don't care for. LOL!

When I say I LOVE Santa, I don't mean it THAT way. LOL! I'm just a kid at heart who still believes in the magic of Santa.

I can be pretty naughty! Just ask wait...don't! LOL!