Monday, October 27, 2014

I got my car inspected and finally found a new purse.

Not in the same place. LOL!

I had to take some time off last week as Hubby started his outpatient rehab and still needs a driver. So I took off Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Monday, I wanted to sit and read while his did his physical therapy and occupational therapy. I never complain about getting to read for 2 hours. But Hubby had other plans for my "spare" time. He wanted to send flowers to the girls in his podiatrist's office and the nurses at the inpatient rehab he has been at. We had gone to the thrift store and he found a couple of vases. Then he wait...he asked me to go to Kroger and pick up some "cheap" flowers and deliver them.

So, while he worked out, I went to Kroger and bought flowers. I did not buy cheap ones, I bought pretty ones. See:

They were really pretty and only $12.99 a bunch. I got 2 bunches. That is not really cheap flowers, but much cheaper than the florist. And they were very fresh, too. I bought them and headed to do my delivery duties. The girls at the podiatrist's office loved them and were so happy to hear how Hubby is doing. They all love him there. I didn't know the nurse that was manning the desk at rehab, so just told her they were for everyone that took care of Hubby.

Then I went back and sat and read. When Hubby was done, he asked if I had gotten flowers. Like I was NOT going to do it or something. I told him yes and showed him picks of the flowers and my name badge where I had to sign into the hospital. LOL! I am a good wife.

After he was done, I took him home and went to work. On Tuesday, I had a TON of work, so went home, picked up Hubby, ran him to rehab, then went home and worked until he was ready to come home. Whew!

Friday, I took the afternoon off, so did not work while Hubby was at rehab. I took my car to be inspected. WooHoo! It took about 10 minutes, then I time to kill, so I went to Walmart to look for a purse. I hate shopping at Walmart on the weekends and will only go when I am off during the week. I looked and looked and found a purse and a new nightgown. Yeah me! I hate, hate, hate purse shopping, as I am really particular and can rarely find one I like. But I had to as I really hated the one I have been carrying it. It was too big and too heavy and even though the style is "in" right now, I was finally over it. I found one at Walmart for only $!6! Yeah! of course, I know that means it it will wear out quicker than a more expensive one, so I will just go ahead and keep my eyes open for one to replace it in the future.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we went to the library so Hubby could pick up a book he had on hold, then went to Dollar General to gets some stuff we needed. We must have needed a lot! Too bad I didn't know we were going or I would have printed out the $5 coupon that was available. Oh well. Hubby was happy to get out of the apartment.

Yesterday we went to Kroger to grocery shop. He said he won't be going again in a wheelchair. It was not handy to him to have to tag around with me and the cart. And he could not hold much in his lap. That is okay as we always spend WAY MORE when he goes. It is crazy!

So there is my update. Happy Monday all!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hubby came home and I made salsa! would think I would have posted about Hubby being home before now, but apparently I have thought I was too busy.

Hubby was released from inpatient rehab on October 1. We were both so happy to have him come home. See how happy:
That little pic we are holding is a pic from either when we were dating or first married. I can't remember which, but it is Hubby's favorite pic and it lives on his nightstand. When he goes to the hospital, it goes with him. He is so silly.

He has been taking it easy since he got home. Well, easy for HIM. He is back to cooking, loading and unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry and anything else he feels like HE needs to do. All from his wheelchair. And last weekend, we even went "gallivanting around" doing some needed shopping. Well, we thought it was needed. I had to buy a new mouse and keyboard and he went along to "get out of the house". I am getting really good at loading and unloading the wheelchair from the car. And I am SO grateful that we moved downstairs and I do not have to lug that think up and down the stairs!

This weekend I started Saturday morning by going to my doctor with a recurrence of the sinus infection I had 3 weeks ago. More antibiotics, and stronger this time, so maybe I will kick it.

Then, since we ran out of salsa, I made some more. Hot for Hubby and mild for me (one jar is missing as it was already in the fridge.). 
Lest you all think that I was super industrious, I will admit that my salsa was made with canned tomatoes. Yes, I took a shortcut. But it is delicious and way cheaper than buying it.

I also cooked a roast in my new toy, and electric pressure cooker that I got for $39.99 from Aldi!
Hubby and I had been talking about getting one if I found  deal and it was in the Aldi ad the week before last. And way cheaper than any I had seen. I could not find reviews, but read that Aldi appliances are good, so we figured we would try it and if it was crap then I would just take it back. I am not taking it back.

Hubby was also industrious and emptied some still packed boxes. YES, from our move 3 1/2 months ago! But is was his stereo equipment and I wasn't touching it. So our living room was full of this:

But I carried some empty boxes and trash to the car this morning and will take the rest tomorrow. Which I will have off as it is Hubby's first trip to outpatient rehab. We have to figure out how he can get himself there as he has to go 3 times a week for a month and I don't want to use all my vacation days watching him do therapy. I would, but he is itching to drive himself anyway. And he can drive just fine as the amputation was on the left leg. We have already taken him to practice and he did great. We just have to figure the going to and from the car bit.

We will get there.

Happy Monday!