Thursday, May 21, 2015

I can see a bug on the sidewalk.

My regular eye doctor had told me that when I had cataract surgery, “It will change your life.” Well, it did not change my life. My life is exactly the same except that I can see it better.

Every day, I realize that I can see something that I was not seeing before. I just had not realized how bad my vision had gotten. I could still function, but I guess that is normal when your vision just gradually deteriorates. Hubby laughs at me when I will suddenly see something that has “been there forever”. So I am entertaining him daily. Wait, I pretty much already did that. I guess I just have more entertainment value now.

Today is my parents’ 59th wedding anniversary. I am so glad they found each other and so glad my mom said yes. I have the best family ever!

Today is also the 39th anniversary of the day I graduated from high school. Eeek! I feel so OLD! Oh, wait…. I am over it now. LOL!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I love my hubby's podiatrist!

Well, I guess he is my podiatrist now!

For months I have been hobbling around with a painful heel spur on my left foot. I knew that is what it was but I had other things to take care of that seemed more important. I also knew that my orthopedic doctor could put a cortisone shot in my heel that would probably get rid of the pain. But I was just too busy to make an appointment.

We were dealing with Hubby's amputation and new prosthetic. Then I was dealing with having cataract surgery since that just seemed more important.

Hubby got tired of me hobbling around, so said he was taking me to his podiatrist. He needed to go for a check and just made me an appointment at the same time. So we went today.

Dr. Mac took Xrays and said, "That must be really painful." Ummm, it sure is. So he gave me an injection and the freaking pain is gone. Why did I wait so long??? I am just so stupid.

But I will not be beating myself up longer than a few minutes because my heel does not hurt. Yeah! On the down side, I also came down with a sinus infection. I fix one thing and another is messed up. LOL!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Aldi has the best ham!

A while back, I’m not sure when but before my cataract surgeries, I mentioned to Hubby that Aldi had hams on sale for $.99/lb. I was thinking about going to get one as I thought that was a good price. And I had an Aldi coupon which is so rare that I thought I would do a little stock-up.

That Saturday, Hubby said he was going to go check the mail and put gas in the car. I figured he was going to go wash the car, too. You know a new car cannot be washed too much. LOL! He was gone for a while, but sometimes he goes out and runs around, so I wasn’t worried. Usually, just when I think about starting to worry he shows up.

After a while, he called me and asked me to bring the cart out and meet him at the car. I knew that meant he had gone shopping. J  He had run to Kroger to get some soft drinks and “swung by Aldi” to check out the hams. He bought 3 of them (bone in, not spiral cut)! But the price was great, so I didn’t complain and did not even mention that I had a coupon. Can’t cry over missed coupons, right? We put the hams in the freezer and went about our business.

Then last Thursday, a week ago, I noticed a ham in the fridge thawing so I figured that meant ham on the weekend. Saturday I put it in the oven and since “it’s your ham”, I ended up cooking dinner. LOL! We had some left over baked beans in the fridge and I made mashed potatoes and garlic bread.
I have to tell you, that was the BEST ham I have eaten in years! It was so good I wanted to just keep eating it. I didn’t, but I wanted to. It was so much better than the boneless hams we have been buying at Kroger for the last several years. Even the fancy spiral cut ones. I ate ham Sunday evening, too.

After dinner, I cut most of the ham off the bone and put some in the fridge, some in the freezer and left a bit on the bone and Hubby made a big pot of beans with the ham bone in it a few nights ago. It they were delish!

I am still thinking about that ham a week later. LOL! It is just that good.

We are on a roll with Aldi, I guess. I got some more coupons in the mail, so think I will go make a stockup run this weekend. When Aldi opened around the block, I thought I would be there all the time, but Hubby has been doing lots of the grocery shopping recently and he just heads to Kroger most of the time. But I still love my Aldi!

In other news, my eyes are great and I finished the drops yesterday. Yeah for that being over. Next issue is seeing the podiatrist to see what he can do about bone spurs in my feet. I am starting to fall apart.

Happy weekend to all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two weeks after cataract surgery.

Well, I am actually 4 weeks post-op for my left eye and 2 weeks post-op for my right eye. And I have to say I am very, very pleased.

My distance vision in both eyes is crystal clear. Something I have NEVER had. I was diagnosed as being extremely nearsighted when I was 6, so I have never had clear distance vision. I guess I thought everyone saw stuff that was in the distance as blurry. I still am amazed to be able to look down the hall at work and see things so clearly. Or to be able to see cars and street signs so clearly that are WAY DOWN THE STREET. It really is pretty incredible. I have worn glasses all my life and contact lenses for about 20 years and never was my vision corrected to this clarity.

The surgeries were not painful at all. I have heard that some placed give shots to numb the eye, but mine was numbed with drops. No needles were ever used near my face. I did have IVs in the back of my hand each time. I was told that I was given Valium to help me to be calm. I laughed and told them both times that I could not be much calmer or I would be asleep. I was not nervous for either surgery. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if I did get Valium as I did not feel anything. I was told I would feel drowsy but I didn’t. I felt wide awake and alert the entire time. And that was not just my imagination. Hubby told me that I did not seem to have had any anesthesia. I was also told that I would probably want to nap when I got home. I did not. So it was a very mild dose, I guess.

I did not get patches over my eyes after surgery. Just walked out and went home wearing my own sunglasses. And they worked just fine. After the first surgery, we went through a drive thru and picked up some lunch. We got home and I settled in my recliner and kept the room pretty dim since my eye was still dilated, but I was not at all sleepy.

The only rough part was like I wrote about previously about it being hard to see between surgeries. I will tell you, anyone that is extremely nearsighted that intends to have vision correcting lenses inserted when they need to have cataract surgery, needs to have both eyes done as closely together as possible. The time between surgeries was awful for me. I ended up being off work for 14 days instead of the 7 days I had planned. I could have used short term disability, but I have a ton of vacation days, so just used those. I thought I would be worried about missing work, but it would have been pointless for me to go in as I could not sit in front of a computer for more than an hour without getting eye strain and a little dizzy.

I did not read much in between as it just was not comfortable. I just binge watched tv and movies. I became addicted to Law and Order SVU, a show I had never watched before, and got through many seasons of it on Hulu. LOL!

The second surgery was as easy as the first. No pain whatsoever. After it was done, Hubby and I opted to stop at a Denny’s for breakfast as my surgery was at 7:30 am. The only issue I had was that everything was really bright as my right eye was still dilated, so I just kept my sunglasses on most of the time. I didn’t even think about bringing reading glasses, so Hubby had to order for me as I could not read the menu. LOL!

The next day I could see so clearly! It was excellent. At my follow-up appointment, my dr. said my eye looked so good that he lifted the driving restriction, so as soon as I got home I called my hairdresser and made an appointment for the next day. LOL!

I know some people have the same issue I did between surgeries, like Sluggy is having now. But most people do not. My dad waited 6 years between his. LOL! You do have to put eye drops in your eyes for several weeks afterwards, but I don’t have a problem with that.

Hope my experience helps you prepare if/when you have to have cataract surgery.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our garden apartment....err.....apartment garden.

We live in an apartment and most apartments here have naked balconies and patios. Not ours. Hubby has been busy, busy, busy working on his...I mean I guess I should have taken before pics, but I didn't. I guess the closest I got was the pic of our front door when the ramp was put in for us in September. (We were expecting some wooden temporary ramp, but they poured us a concrete one. Our apartment management loves us!)
To the left, across from the window is actually a big empty dirt area. The plant you see were set there by the movers when we moved in and just sat there in their pots while Hubby went through surgery and recovery.

Then he got in the mood to garden. Here is what the area looks like now.

We even have some little statues in the cinder blocks. And a stained glass bird bath. LOL! Hubby is such a goof sometimes. But our entryway feels so homey, now.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

18 years of wedded bliss!

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it! We have now outlasted the combined total of both of our previous marriages. You know what that means.....we were not the problem. LOL!

This is still the man of my dreams!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I have to relearn how to do eye makeup.

I wear makeup almost every day. I wear it every day that I go to work and sometimes on the weekends. I used to do full makeup on weekends, but not so much anymore. I guess I am comfortable in my skin when home with Hubby. But I won't go to work without it.

For years, I have bee doing makeup to show that I have eyes behind my glasses. Well, now, I don't have to wear glasses. Well, I will have to wear reading glasses, but to walk around, no glasses needed.

I guess I need to really adjust my eye makeup so I don't look like this
Please note that if this is the way you like to do your eyes, I am not disrespecting your choice. I just don't want to look like this on a daily basis. 

I am going tomorrow to get a haircut as my hair just pretty much hangs right now. It looks fine, but I am bored. So new hair and new eye makeup. I may be stylin' next week.

Or looking like a clown. Time will tell.