Sunday, September 14, 2014

How is this about anyone but Hubby?

I do not understand why some people have to make things all about them, no matter what it is.

As I told you previously, Hubby has decided that it is time to have the inevitable below the knee amputation. We have both come to grips with it and have been preparing for the surgery that takes place tomorrow.

Hubby has not told his mom. He never tells her before he has a surgery as she worries herself sick about every little things. She would do the same over this as well and he does not see any reason to do that to her. He will, of course, tell her after the surgery. He will have to...LOL! She will notice his missing leg at some point.

I was surprised that he did tell each of the kids already. He has let them know it was time and it is his decision and I was under the impression that they were very supportive.

Today we went to have an early birthday lunch for Hubby, as his birthday is next Sunday. Our 3 kids, 3 grandkids and Hubby's mom all came. The surgery was not mentioned and everyone had a really nice time.

Hubby created his ode to Breaking Bad:

That is a 58 made out of bacon, in case you cannot tell.

So, we ate and visited, then Hubby and I came home. He is now packing for the hospital. I vacuumed, cleaned litter boxes and started surfing the 'net.

The reason for my title? Our son posts on Facebook that he is frustrated with having to come to grips with some news and feels "put in a tight spot" by being asked to keep secrets. I messaged him asking if he was referring to his dad's surgery. And he was. I was SO mad. How does this become about anyone but Hubby??? Son said he just knew that MIL would be upset by not knowing. I was even madder. I love my kids, but how DARE any of them get mad about their dad sharing his news with who he chooses to share it with??? I told Son that if it made him that uncomfortable, I would see to it that it never happened again. He then did some back pedalling about how he and the girls are just worried about their dad.

Well, kids, if you are so worried about your dad, call him once in a while. Don't expect him to coll you all the time. And if he blesses you by sharing his information with you, then just pray for him and go on your way. Don't post about how you don't want to keep secrets.

And, by the way, shall I go ahead and share with your grandmother all of your deeds and misdeeds that we have never shared with her???

Okay. My rant is over.

Monday, September 8, 2014

"It is what it is."

That statement is one of the many reasons I love my hubby. I have been trying to figure out how to write this post without being a whiny baby, but I am just going to have to jump in feet first.

Hubby has now been on IV antibiotics for 8 weeks. When he got out of the hospital in July, after having an abscess drained and the doc finding osteomyelitis (which is infection in the bone), his infectious diseases doc determined he would need to be on iv antibiotics for 6 - 8 weeks. He has been in a lot of pain for the last couple of months and that has not eased.

A few weeks ago, he told me that he had been discussing with both docs, foot & ankle and infectious diseases, and that he had made the decision to have a below the knee amputation. Apparently, the iv antibiotics are not getting rid of the osteo which is in all his foot and ankle bones. The drugs and the infection are at a standoff and the infection is not clearing up. It has not spread higher, but it has not decreased. 

Amputation will get rid of the infection 100% as well as the pain that is in all the bones of his foot and ankle due to the infection. He decided it was time. He was worried about telling me as he thought I would be really upset. Don't get me wrong....I am sad that he is at this stage and I feel for him, but I have been preparing for this day since he had his first foot surgery. Other than this issue, his health is really good, so I am not going to complain at all since Diabetes is such a horrid disease and many people suffer much more from it than we have.

When I asked him how he was feeling about it, his response was, "It is what it is." He is not the, Woe-is-me-how-unfair-that-I-have-to-go-through-this type of person. And for that, I thank God everyday. Not that I would have married him if he were like that, but he could have become that way and I am grateful that he has not.

So, we have been preparing, as much as you can prepare for something like this. He is scheduled for surgery next Monday, 9/15. We have unpacked and arranged all that we have to. There are still some boxes that are not unpacked, but it is Hubby's stuff and he is not worried about it, so I am not going to. 

Hubby has been told that the healing time will be about 3 months, then he can get a prosthetic leg. He said one of the reasons he decided to do it now is that we have hit his max out of pocket for the year, so we will have not expenses for this or the prosthetic if he gets it before the end of the year. 

He says he is being frugal. :-)

I will post updates along the way.

Monday, August 18, 2014

You spent how much for soap?!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I have been in HELL all day. It started at 8 and has not let up most of the day. So I thought I would take a few minutes to breathe and write a blog post. So there!

You might remember how I was bemoaning the fact that my stockpile was worthless as it was all still packed up a while back. Well, it is not any more. It is all unpacked, on shelves and in use. Yeah, stockpile!! I would show you pics, but since there are still many unpacked boxes in that room, I decided not to.

While everything was still packed up, Hubby had gone to the store and picked up a couple of items he needed even though we knew we had them in boxes somewhere. My silly hubby. He thinks he needs to use things like deodorant Every. Single. Day.  It took a while to find all the bathroom HBA. I was set, but I did not need to shave as often as he does. So, he ran to the store to get a few “needed” items.  He came back with Dove bar soap, as well as the other stuff he got. I have not bought Dove soap in years. I love it thought and that is all my mom has ever bought, so I grew up using it.

I figured we would use what he bought, then go back to my soap bargains. We are bar soap users, so I bargain shop for it. Lately, we have been using a lot of Dial as I got it at the best price. Dial is a great soap and we like it. But my skin was starting to look like “old lady skin”….in the summer…when skin is never dry. Since using the Dove, it hasn’t gotten back to “young chick” skin, but it is looking better. And Hubby likes Dove. Go figure.

So, CVS had Dove soap on sale last week and I decided to buy some. Price was $8.49 for 6 bars, B1 G1 ½ off.  So, $8.49 + $4.24 = $12.73 for 12 bars. WHAT?!!! That is crazy! But I did have a $1 coupon. (Yes, I only had one.) And CVS had some items that generate a $10 GC when you spend $30. As I was already buying hair color and mascara, the Dove soap got the amount up to right over $30. If I had not bought the soap, I would not have earned the $10, so I consider that $10 offset the soap and I only paid $1.73 for 12 bars.

Could I have bought other items to get that $10? Yes. But Hubby and I decided we like Dove soap and our skin is worth it.  And I did not even get any free soap to write this post about Dove soap. LOL!

In other news, we are still unpacking and neither one of us are stressing out about it. We have stocked up our freezer and pantry, so have cut back on the eating out.

And we bought a new rocker recliner this weekend. I will post picks in a couple of days. Yeah for new furniture!

Monday, August 4, 2014

I have not been so frugal lately...

And I don't feel a bit guilty. Is that bad?????

We have been spending money like crazy lately. But please don't think I have totally lost my mind. We are only spending money we have. Nothing has come out of savings and the credit card bills get paid off every month, in full, so we are not paying interest on anything.

It just seems like a lot of stuff hit at once. We moved, which always costs some money. We spent money on our movers, but they were SO worth it!!! But then I added to those costs by buying things we "needed" for our new apartment. Did we really need them? Probably not. But I wanted to get some things and we can certainly afford it. After years of thinking we should buy a carpet steam cleaner. (We have cats. I will say no more.) When the first cat hairballed in our new apt, I got on line and ordered a steam cleaner. I am not getting on my hands and knees to clean up stains anymore. I will clean up But I can now steam clean any stains and not have to get down and scrub. I LOVE it!

Of course I bargain shopped and got a good deal on it. I did the same on the new phones I wanted, as well as some new shelves and air purifier and some other things we "needed:.

We have also had quite a few medical bills to pay, but we put them on a credit card and got points. Everything paid except interest. LOL!

While Hubby was in the hospital, I didn't worry about unpacking any more than I needed to live. I didn't cook. I stopped and got take out every day. And did NOT feel guilty. When Hubby got home from the hospital,... and he is doing very well, thanks for asking...I didn't want him to feel like he had to do stuff. He needed to stay off his ankle and let it heal. So, we didn't unpack much and I stopped and got take out every night. I HAD gone to the grocery store before he got home, so we had frozen meals and sandwich stuff for him to eat at home and me to bring to work.

We moved 5 weeks ago and still have a lot of boxes not unpacked. And we aren't worrying about it. Well, we were both worrying about not getting enough done, but I made a deal with Hubby that if he wouldn't worry, then I wouldn't. We have managed to unpack everything we need to. We just have lots of boxes of books and knick knacks still packed. But that is okay.

We went to the grocery store yesterday and spent $172!!! OMG!!! I don't think I have ever spent that in one trip! But we are STOCKED up and Hubby intends to cook at home now. We are both burned out on take out food. LOL! We will be going to the meat market to buy some meat, but other than that, we are really stocked and next weekend, should only be a milk/product/bread run.

I didn't want to push Hubby to cook as I just wanted him to take it easy, but I am SO happy he will be cooking. And we can get back on our frugal bandwagon. Spending all this money does not seem as fun as it used to. LOL!

Back to our regularly scheduled lifestyle!

Oh, and we both love our new place. First floor is so EASY!

Monday, July 21, 2014

R.I.P. Freezer Food

Friday was a sad day.

After work I went to my girlfriend's house to get our frozen food out of her freezer. I had taken it over there so it could vacation in a comfortable frozen climate while we moved to our new apartment.

I opened the freezer door and immediately knew something was wrong as there was a smell of spoiled meat. Eeeeuuuuuuuwwwwww!!! It was not really strong and cold air came out of the freezer, so we were not sure at first what the issue was. Then we looked down and saw blackberry juice dripping from the bags of blackberries in the door.

Oh no! Her freezer had gone out. No was going out. We looked at the thermometer she has in there and the temperature was 42 degrees on the top shelf. So we grabbed a trash bag and I started throwing stuff in it. The meat that was in the top shelf was cold, but not frozen, so out it went. But, the boxes of butter I had on the top shelf were still hard, so it was like the lower layers of stuff was still frozen.

And the items in the bottom shelves of the freezer were still totally frozen. So we tossed some and were able to save some. Anything that was the least bit questionable was tossed. I may be frugal, but I am not going to poison us. If Hubby had been there, he would probably have wanted to take the meat home and cook it, but I was not even going to chance it.

Altogether, we tossed about a quarter of the freezer contents, so it could have been worse. Of course, most of that was meat, but oh well. I put the bag of tossed in my car to take to my dumpster as I did not think my girlfriend would enjoy having it in her garage until Tuesday when her trash is picked up. LOL!

We went in to wash our hands before I left to go home and my girlfriend went and pulled her checkbook out of her purse. I asked what she was doing and she said she was going to write me a check for what we had lost. What?!  I told her no way. It wasn't her fault her freezer went out and if I had come over last weekend, all my food would have been good.

I took what we could salvage home and put it into my freezer, temperature 0 degrees. And Hubby and I will be making a trip to the meat market soon. Well he wanted to anyway, but now we have to.

I did buy a bag of chicken breasts at Aldi yesterday, so we have some chicken.

Friday, July 18, 2014

StateFarm, you've done me wrong.

Hubby and I have had car insurance with StateFarm for many, many years. I am not sure exactly how long, but I think around 13 or 14 years. We have had a renters insurance policy with StateFarm for over 8 years. And I have an IRA with StateFarm that I have had there for about 7 years.

Over the years I have done some price comparisons, but I was never willing to change agents to save a few dollars. I really, really like my insurance agent...well, his whole staff. They are all very customer friendly. So, I never changed even to save money.

Imagine my irritation when I called to change our apartment number on our policies and was told that StateFarm no longer writes renters policies for my apartment complex! I calmly explained that I was not trying to buy a policy, just change my apartment number. The girl I talked to was nice, but no help, so I asked to speak to my agent.

He called me back and knew the issue and was very apologetic and upset with/for me, but explained that StateFarm had changed it guidelines back in February and my apartment complex was disqualified from be written policies. Though he was nice, basically he could do nothing for me.

I explained that if I have to buy renters insurance from someone else, I certainly would not be leaving my auto insurance and IRA with StateFarm. My agent said he hated that I would leave but understood why I felt that way. He said he was equally frustrated by the new guidelines. Oh, really, did the new guidelines just make you non-compliant with your apartment lease? I don't think so.

I am most irritated that I received no notification of this. Basically, I don't have renters insurance as of yesterday. Actually, I am pretty sure that StateFarm cannot cancel my policy without notice, but I am not even going to argue or fight with them. My apartment manager is really nice and understanding and is giving me time to find another policy.

I sent an email to the CEO of StateFarm, but I doubt I will hear back. Why would they care about losing one policy holder? So, I am shopping. I don't care if my insurance policy costs more...when I find someone that will write me a renters insurance policy, I am moving my auto insurance to them as well. I got a quote on line and an agent from Farmers has already called me. I have had Farmers in the past and was happy with them.

And my IRA will got to my bank, credit union or Fidelity, who handles my 401k. 

Screw you, State Farm!

On a happier note, Hubby got out of the hospital on Monday afternoon and he is doing fine. He is taking it easy so his ankle will heal up. He wants to be unpacking and moving stuff around, but I am trying not to let him.

I need to go to Aldi this weekend. I really miss it as I have not been in quite a while!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Stockpiles are worthless...

if they are packed in boxes and you can't get to them.

Did I scare you all? LOL!

Since Hubby has been in the hospital for a week, not much unpacking has gotten done. I did a little as I could, but it was mainly to clear out boxes so that Hubby will be able to maneuver the wheelchair when he gets home.

So though you would think unpacking my stockpile would have been a priority, it has not been.

In the last week and a half, we have had to buy razors, shave gel, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, zipper bags, foil and I don't remember what else.

And I have EVERY ONE of those items packed in a box somewhere. Ugh!

But at least I got it on sale/with coupons or at the dollar store.

I will be happy when we are unpacked and I can get to everything. Moving is so fun and the fun just continues.