Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#SocialSummer - Getting Crafty

I was challenged by Social Insiders to pick a craft project and try it out. I am currently working on an afghan that my mom started, so I guess I already picked me craft. I always try to be ahead of the game.

My mom crocheted all the time. She always had a project going, so we were all kept in afghans, pillows and house slippers. She also taught me how to crochet and I did it in spurts. I made a couple of lap afghans and lots and lots of scarfs.

When I became a grandma for the first time, I picked it up again with a vengeance. I made each one of my grandsons 3 afghans when they were born. Their mamas are not sentimental, so I guarantee those are long gone, but oh well. I also made one for my great niece. She is now 8 and still has hers. Her mama IS sentimental. Since my youngest grandson is now 7, it has been a couple of days since I was crocheting for babies.

Last year, when my mom passed away, we started going through things to determine what to get rid of, what to organize and what to keep to make Dad's home comfortable for him to live in. I mean, it was comfortable, but he didn't need to be surrounded by all Mom's stuff. He is totally not interested in Harlequin Romances. LOL!

We knew she had a TON of yarn. There is an entire craft room full of yarn, fabric and craft supplies. And we have not even gotten all the way through it yet, a year later. But we started finding unfinished crochet projects. Mom was always working on more than one at a time, so we weren't surprised. 

Since I enjoy crocheting and my two sisters that were there do not, I was designated to finish Mom's projects. Here are some pics of what I have finished so far. (Oh, and Mom always knew who things were for before she started, but we did not. So as I finish each thing, it goes to the one that it seems to be for.)

Large lap afghan that ended up being for sister, Jackie.

Next I only had to put a border around a little afghan. It went to my 3 year old great niece, Lexi
Then, since there was a lot of the same yarn from the baby afghan and because my niece, Jessica, loved the colors so much, I made her a large lap afghan. This pic was actually before I finished it. It is pretty big. LOL!

Those were the projects I had brought home when after Mom passed away. When I went there on vacation last month, I came back with a dufflebag of unfinished projects.

Not only am I enjoying crocheting, but I am able to give family members something Mom started and I finished. Oh, and I also will have to crochet an afghan for Hubby as he keeps asking me if it is his each time I finish something.

So, there are my crafty projects and carrying on a family legacy.I call that success!

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Sonya Ann said...

I love that you are finishing what your mom started. They are beautiful.