Monday, August 15, 2016

#SocialSummer - One of my favorite things.

As a member of Social Insiders I have been challenged with telling you about my favorite thing. 

This was a hard one as I have a lot of favorite things. Followers of my blog, if any are still around since I have not been blogging in a long time, might remember that my Hubby is one of my favorite things. But I think that is not the subject of the challenge. LOL!

So today I will tell you about one of my favorite things that is not my hubby!

Believe it or not, one of my favorite things is our rolling shopping cart. Yes, it really is! 
For years, Hubby and I lived in second floor apartments and we lugged thousands of pounds of groceries up those starts. And we hauled camping equipment up and down those stairs for years. Yes, even though Hubby goes camping by himself, I would help him lug his crap.

When we moved to a first floor apartment, carrying groceries would have been easier, but for some reason, I decided I wanted a rolling cart. At the time we moved, apparently I thought we were rich as I was ordering all kinds of new stuff for our apartment, so I ordered a cart. I started using it to bring in groceries and I loved it!! What used to take me 3 trips between the car and apartment I could now make in one! It was awesome!

Of course, Hubby didn't think he needed to use it, until the first time he did. Then he realized how awesome it was! He especially loved that when he was in his wheelchair after surgeries he can move get stuff to and from the car. Regularly, he comments on how he is so glad we got this cart. 

I will say it has really saved extra wear and tear on my knees and in the hot summer it is a dream to not have to go in and out of the heat!

So, there is one of my favorite things! We love it so much that when Aldi had one in its ad, Hubby went and got one to keep in the closet for when ours breaks or wears out. Love it!

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slugmama said...

I had one of those carts when we lived in downtown Baltimore in college and we had no car and had to walk to the A&P for groceries.
It also got pressed into service when taking our clothes to the laundromat.

That cart was a lifesaver!

Frances said...

It is a lifesaver sometimes! Hubby loves it to load and unload his car when he is going camping. I like it for that, too, when I am nice enough to help him. That camping stuff is heavy and there is a lot of it.

We also use it to haul out the trash to the dumpster. It seems like we always have a bunch of boxes to get rid of. Maybe I had better stay off Amazon for a while. LOL!