Monday, September 16, 2013

I love steroids!

I am sure I will get some hits from that title, but trust me, this post is not that interesting. LOL! But I know SonyaAnn has missed me so I figured I had better post something.
It has been a while since I posted, since I went on a ONE WEEK vacation the first week of August and when I got back, work had exploded.

Since getting back, I have worked overtime every day but one. And that day, I only didn’t have to as I was required to attend an awards luncheon and our team was being moved to a different part of the floor at 5, so I could not work late.

I have not taken a lunch break, though I do eat. I just work while I do it. And I have been beat when I get home from work.

Thank the Lord for Hubby who does all the cooking and has been doing all the grocery shopping so I didn’t even have to do that. Oh, sure, he spends more money at the store than I do, but I don’t even care right now. LOL! And truthfully, he is doesn’t buy anything that I would not, except he DOES buy more “treats” for me than I would buy.

Oh, and the reason for my title…..I developed a pretty wicked sinus infection and when I finally went to the doctor, I got a shot of steroids and prescriptions for an antibiotic and a low dose steroid. I love, love, love steroids and when I am taking them, my arthritic knees TOTALLY STOP HURTING. It is like I have baby knees again. My orthopedic doctor prescribed Celebrex when I told him about the steroid totally stopping the pain, but Celebrex does not work nearly as well as a steroid. Too bad I can’t take steroids all the time.

Hubby went camping this last weekend, so I intended to be lazy and do nothing. Apparently, I got a major burst of energy as I did the following this weekend:

Cleaned out 2 dresser drawers
Cleaned out 2 nightstand drawers
Washed sheets and pillowcases Washed comforter
Washed bed pillows and decorative pillows on the bed
Washed a sheepskin that Hubby has over our computer chair…yes, I washed it
Washed towels
Washed a load of regular laundry Cleaned the bathroom, including scrubbing the tile walls of the tub all the way to the ceiling. LOL!
Vacuumed Cleaned litter boxes Mopped the kitchen floor

AND I shopped on line and ordered:
New comforter set
New purse
Air purifier filters
3 bras, a pair of pants and 2 new tops

I rested today while at work. LOL!