Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I guess that is an appropriate greeting. LOL! I hope that everyone is having a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

I want to thank all of our men and women of the military, both past and present, for your service to our country. You are all my heroes!

I have been having a really nice 4 day weekend. My company is closed today in observance of Memorial Day, so I took off Friday to have a nice long weekend and it has been SO relaxing! Friday, all that Hubby and I did was to go to a local Italian place for lunch, then spend the rest of the day at home, reading, watching movies and relaxing.

Saturday, I went shopping. My first trip to Walgreens in a few weeks, where I wracked up some deals. I spent $30, but saved about $60. I stocked up on on fish oil, hair color, paper towels and mushrooms for us and the rest was items for care packages for Chance and some HBA items that will probably go home with Meredith and Samantha on their next visits. Yes, they are both grown and working, but I still pick up deals for them. I guess someday I will stop doing that, but for now, it is fun and they sure do appreciate us saving them a little money.

Yesterday, we took Bob's care in to Brake Check as his brakes were making a noise. In January, we has work done on the rear brakes, all under warranty. This time it was the fronts. They had lifetime warranty, so we only paid $150 to have new semi metallic pads, new hardware, the rotors resurfaced and the brake fluid drained and replace. And one of our lugs was stripped. Weird. I told the manager than no one had removed the tires in a very long time, except by them. The manager insisted that they would not have put it on like that, but I stood firm that they were the only ones that could have done it. He was nice enough and I think a little embarrassed that his guys were the ones that had to have done it, but he did replace it at no charge.

Today, we are going to the movies to see Brides Maids. Hubby's idea, can you believe?! He read that it is really funny, so decided we should see it. Hubby is such a girl!

The only "work" I plan to do is to replace the ice maker valve on our refrigerator. The old one has been trying to go out so I am replacing it. Yes, it might be more frugal to just buy ice trays, but we are spoiled to our ice maker. Why, you ask, am I replacing it and not Hubby? Well, I am just a little more mechanically inclined in that area. Plus, I have done it before. Sometimes I can be such a guy. LOL! Maybe that is why Hubby and I are perfect for each other.

I hope every one is having a great Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 55th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today, my parents have been married for 55 years! And they are the best parents imaginable! They created the perfect family without even trying. I guess they did have to work at it, but it never seemed like they had to. It just seemed effortless from their kids' point of view.

There has not been a single day in my life when I had to wonder if Mom and Dad did not love us all with every bit of their hearts.

When I was young, I never thought about what wonderful parents I had. I just took for granted that all parents were like mine. They showed us every day how much they loved us and how much they loved each other. To this day, Mom and Dad still give each other kisses for no reason, hold hands when sitting together and are so comfortable letting the world see their love for each other.

It was not until I was in college that I met realized that my life was different from a lot of peoples'. When I met my first husband and he told me tales of his dad hitting his mom and him I could not believe it. Parents didn't do that to their kids! I learned that I was wrong and that a lot of parents did. And a lot of parents neglected their kids. It made me, and still makes me, so sad that not everyone could have parents like mine.

I thank God every day that he blessed my life so much by allowing me to be part of this family.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"You are so pretty, you don't need makeup."

That is what darling Hubby told me yesterday. He suggested we go to our local farm to get some fresh veggies and then to Brazos Bend to the observatory to see Saturn. I told him I didn't want to put on make up and he told me I didn't need to. I just love that man!

We went and bought some beautiful corn on the cob, bell peppers, celery, green onions, green beans and a large cantalope for $14. A bargain, I think!

Then we went to Brazos Bend, a state park about 50 miles away and spent a couple of hours driving around the park, then stopping for a picnic. Later, we headed to the observatory. We got a little exercise, as you have to park and hike quite a way to the observatory. We hung out there a couple of hours until it got dark enough to see the stars. There is a large telescope that was sold out, so alas, we only got to look using the smallers ones, but were still able to see quite well.

There were also several amateur astronomers that had set up their telescopes and we got to look through them. It was just amazing.

We got home around 11, tired, but a really good tired.

Today, Hubby went to go camping for a couple of days...back to Brazos Bend. I spent the day prepping veggies for the freezer and relaxing. It was a good day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

We got rain!

After an extremely long drought, we finally got some rain yesterday! WooHoo for rain. We didn't get much rain, but it was rain and everyone was so happy! It is supposed to be dry again this week, but we will pray for more rain. Weird, I know, but we sure need it.

I took a day off work today, just because, and had a really relaxing day. Well, for most of it. Hubby and I went to Walmart to stock up on cat food since I haven't found any good deals on it lately and I thought I would get the best deal at Walmart. Sorry, Kroger, your sales on cat food have just not been good enough for me lately.

What was I thinking??? Going to Walmart! Well, I actually thought it would be less busy than on the weekend, but I was so WRONG. Don't those people have jobs? Surely not everyone took off work today just to go to Walmart. The parking lot was packed. And interesting to me was that it was packed with really NICE cars. I guess the poor economy is good for Walmart. The cars in the lot were WAY nicer than they used to be.

We got cat food and a few other items and then headed to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet. It is only on weekdays, so Hubby loves to go when I take a day off. After the buffet, we headed home and relaxed the rest of the day. Well, I relaxed. Hubby was prepping his stuff to go camping on Sunday. So he was a busy boy. I just read, watched tv and played with the new kitty.

It was a good day.

And I have 2 more to go!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spenser, the newest addition.

Here are some pics of the newest addition to our family. Isn't he adorable?!

Yes, we have 3 black and white cats, again. LOL!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom bloggy friends!

Hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! Yes, I am a little late, but I had a very busy day.

I finally gave in to Hubby and around noon we headed to the SPCA to see if he could find a new kitten. He has been wanting one for months, but I kept telling him that two was enough. But we have had 3 before and they weren't any more trouble than 2. Heck, when we got married, we had 4!

We spent a couple of hours there until Hubby and a two month old baby boy fell in love with each other. So, little Spenser came home with us today. Hubby is thrilled! Our cats haven't decided if they are or not. LOL!

When we got home, there was a message from Samantha that she and John wanted to come by and see me for Mother's Day, so we called back and told them to come on by. They came and Sammy brought me a beautiful card and a cute little solar powered flower. It is just a cute little thing.

They stayed for several hours, then headed home. I, of course, took them shopping in my mini mart. LOL!

Then I called and had a nice long chat with my mom.

It was a really nice Mother's Day.

Oh, Oh, Oh, and I got a message on Facebook from the kids' mom thanking me for being such a great bonus mom to the kids! Color ME surprised!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating all week!

That is what we had last week. So, it was subdued celebrating, but celebrating none the less.

Tuesday, April 26, was the 14th anniversary of the day I married my wonderful husband. I was so blessed to meet him and even more blessed to marry him. I fall in love with that man more every single day.

Neither of us could think of anything we wanted, so we just shared some flowers… beautiful tulips…and didn’t do gifts this year. Well, I guess our trip last month could have been our anniversary gift, even though we called it our tub-cation.

Oh Saturday, April 30, we celebrated our youngest grandson’s second birthday. “I am 2!!” Wyatt said, as he held up 4 fingers. LOL! He will get it eventually. Hubby and I went to MIL’s on Saturday and Meredith came a little later. So it was a small party. But there was food, cake, ice cream and gifts, so everyone was happy.

Wyatt talks a lot, and usually we know what he is talking about. But several times, he would be telling me about something and talking about “Poppy”, that is Hubby’s grandpa name. So, I would tell Wyatt that Poppy was “in there” and point wherever he was.

Then I realized that Wyatt is calling both of us Poppy. I had noticed when anyone referred to me as “Grandma” he would just look funny. I guess he thinks that since I am with Poppy, I must be Poppy, too. He will learn eventually. And, hey, if he wants to call us both Poppy, we can deal with it. He is just that adorable.