Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom bloggy friends!

Hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! Yes, I am a little late, but I had a very busy day.

I finally gave in to Hubby and around noon we headed to the SPCA to see if he could find a new kitten. He has been wanting one for months, but I kept telling him that two was enough. But we have had 3 before and they weren't any more trouble than 2. Heck, when we got married, we had 4!

We spent a couple of hours there until Hubby and a two month old baby boy fell in love with each other. So, little Spenser came home with us today. Hubby is thrilled! Our cats haven't decided if they are or not. LOL!

When we got home, there was a message from Samantha that she and John wanted to come by and see me for Mother's Day, so we called back and told them to come on by. They came and Sammy brought me a beautiful card and a cute little solar powered flower. It is just a cute little thing.

They stayed for several hours, then headed home. I, of course, took them shopping in my mini mart. LOL!

Then I called and had a nice long chat with my mom.

It was a really nice Mother's Day.

Oh, Oh, Oh, and I got a message on Facebook from the kids' mom thanking me for being such a great bonus mom to the kids! Color ME surprised!


slugmama said...

Sounds like a nice day to me.
And I like that...."Bonus Mom"
I bet you could have been knocked over by a feather by that, huh? ;-)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Love to see pics of the new addition :) We also had 4 cats when we got married. Dh said NEVER again, lol

Val said...

What a nice day! AND FB message!
That would just make my day too.

Frances said...

Thanks for coming to see me Sluggy, Stephanie and Val!

SonyaAnn said...

WOW, I would be wondering what the ex was up too.