Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating all week!

That is what we had last week. So, it was subdued celebrating, but celebrating none the less.

Tuesday, April 26, was the 14th anniversary of the day I married my wonderful husband. I was so blessed to meet him and even more blessed to marry him. I fall in love with that man more every single day.

Neither of us could think of anything we wanted, so we just shared some flowers… beautiful tulips…and didn’t do gifts this year. Well, I guess our trip last month could have been our anniversary gift, even though we called it our tub-cation.

Oh Saturday, April 30, we celebrated our youngest grandson’s second birthday. “I am 2!!” Wyatt said, as he held up 4 fingers. LOL! He will get it eventually. Hubby and I went to MIL’s on Saturday and Meredith came a little later. So it was a small party. But there was food, cake, ice cream and gifts, so everyone was happy.

Wyatt talks a lot, and usually we know what he is talking about. But several times, he would be telling me about something and talking about “Poppy”, that is Hubby’s grandpa name. So, I would tell Wyatt that Poppy was “in there” and point wherever he was.

Then I realized that Wyatt is calling both of us Poppy. I had noticed when anyone referred to me as “Grandma” he would just look funny. I guess he thinks that since I am with Poppy, I must be Poppy, too. He will learn eventually. And, hey, if he wants to call us both Poppy, we can deal with it. He is just that adorable.


Annie Jones said...

He IS adorable!

I had great-grandparents called Mommy and Poppy, not just by their grandkids but by all who knew them. I never got to meet them, but I have seen pictures. She was little bitty thing and cute. Everyone says even in their elder years, they would always hold hands in public and in their car, she would sit right up next to him. I always thought that was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Its so wonderful to see such a happy couple!!!!!!!

And what an adorable little boy, I love the name wyat.


slugmama said... are just a pair of lovebirds, even after all these years!

And I'm glad to hear you got your package aok. I meant to send a heads up email, but, know

McVal said...

What a sweetie!!!

When I am a Grandma, I want to be called Poppy too!

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. My parents still hold hands and when they are sitting together, my dad will have his arm around my mom. Just because.

I always wanted to marry someone just like my dad, and Bob is pretty darn close!

Frances said...

Hi, Judy! Thanks for the wonderful commment. We ARE pretty darn happy!

Frances said...

Sluggy, we try to be lovebirds and we even succeed most of the time. LOL!

Frances said...

McVal, you can be Poppy too!

SonyaAnn said...

That is one good looking kid!
And I think that Poppy is perfect for both of you.
Have a wonderful week and congrats on the anniversary!

Frances said...

Thanks, SonyaAnn. We will share the title for a while. LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

Hi, write something. I need you!