Friday, December 3, 2010

It was not even on sale!

This morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. Normally, I would just contribute it to sinus problems, which I have year round. BUT, this week, Hubby has had a really bad cold. Tuesday and Wednesday, he spent most of the days in bed. He felt really, really miserable. Today, he said he was starting to feel better, but he is still at home in bed.

His cold started with a scratchy throat Monday morning.

At work, the guys on either side of me have colds.

I am surrounded. Ugh!

This morning, when I felt the scratchy feeling, I knew that I needed to make it through work today, then I have 3 days off, so maybe I would be over the worst by the time I go back to work. So, before I left for work I dug through the medicine cabinet and found some Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs. Yes, I know they have been pulled off the market, but I still have some. My last precious box. But it has always worked for me with no adverse effects, so I broke one open and applied. I make them last as long as I can, since I will never be able to buy anymore once I am out. I also dosed up on Vitamin C, since it can't hurt. Right?

Then I went by Walgreens on the way to the park and ride and bought some cold/flu medicine. So, you all know I was starting to feel bad to even consider buying something NOT ON SALE, but this stuff really works for me when I have colds, so I got it. I did, however, have a couple of $3 RRs to use, so got 2 boxes for $3.98. Not expensive. But you know, it is really hard for me to buy anything not on sale. I mean, really hard.

Apparently, my drug strategy is working. The 2 guys on either side of me are coughing and hacking and I feel like I am in a typhus ward or something. I have been sucking on cough drops, so barely a cough. My drugs are working so I don't feel too bad. And I am able to get my work done. So that is good.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and looking forward to a lovely weekend. I am hoping for one.


Annie Jones said...

Any time I've tried Zicam or any of the other zinc remedies, they cause such a bad taste in my mouth that I won't use them. It makes everything I eat or drink taste odd, and for me, that's almost as bad as being sick.

Have you ever noticed that side effect?

I have had some luck with Nutribiotic GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract). I take it whenever I even suspect I'm coming down with something and usually I don't get sick or only mildly sick. Of course, there's always that chance that I wasn't really sick anyway, but as Shane and I have both said, even if something is just a placebo, if you think it works, then it works. LOL!

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. I have never had any side effects from Zicam. So I use it. I think anything that makes you feel better, even if it is only in your mind, is a good thing!

spaghetti0625 said...

OMG I LOVED the nasal swabs...I hate that they took them off the market!!!!!!
I had the spray (mint) and it works too I guess, but I hated the wasn't BAD but just the thought of KNOWING it's meds makes it taste bad. Same with the dissolving tablet...I have the orange flavor. not bad taste, but KNOWING it's meds makes me gag LOL.
Hope you feel better (good)!

Frances said...

Hi, Spaghetti! Thanks for stopping by. I am holding my own today, but am totally ready to go home and go to bed.

slugmama said...

That was the sound of me hitting the floor because you bought something when it was NOT on sale!!lolol
I hear ya.....

And I can't take anything zinc either like AnnieJ....the metallic taste makes me gag.
I do take Vitamin C daily in the winter and use my sinus saline spray 2-3 times a day plus run the humidifier in the bedroom at night.
Seems to work as long as all the Typhoid Marys keep away from me. ;-)

Hope you get through this stretch quickly!

Frances said...

Hi, Sluggy. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you hit the floor.

I am now REALLY ready to go home and go to bed.

Pam said...

Never heard of Zicam but I hope you're feeling great soon.

Frances said...

Thanks, Pam. In just a few minutes I can head home and crawl in bed. I can't wait!

A.Marie said...

I had to laugh at Sluggy's comment...that was FUNNY!!!

I hear ya on the buying when it isn't on sale...I have to drag myself to the counter to pay for something when I have to cough up the $$ for full price. It's almost painful!!! LOL

McVal said...

woohoo! Way to be proactive! I hope you don't get it like they have!

Frances said...

Hi A.Marie and Val. I have been pretty miserable despite being proactive. But not nearly as miserable as Hubby, so that is a small blessing.

Together We Save said...

Oh I hope you are feeling all better now.... funny what you said about cold meds.... I keep lots on hand from sales just in case. I actually just had to toss some because it was out of date.

Frances said...

Hi, Denise. I try to keep cold meds on hand as well. I had some, but we also had some that were WAY out of date.

This weekend, Hubby asked for some "fresh stuff." I don't know why he doesn't want to use cold meds that expired a year ago!

(Just kidding. I would not ask him to take anything that old.... though I might take it myself.)