Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You spent WHAT?!

I should have known better. I really should have......

This weekend, Hubby and I were busy all weekend, working on reorganizing his entertainment system. I call it his, though it is really ours, because, he wired that thing up and it would take a real whiz to figure it out. He has our living room set up with surround sound, so that it sounds like a movie theater. LOL!

Anyway, we were making some changes and I helped him most of the weekend. Admittedly, the rest of the time I was doing nothing. I have been trying to stay off my knee as much as possible because I hurt it a couple weeks ago and I do not want to go to the doctor. I am pretty sure it is just tendonitis. So, I had a legitimate reason for doing as little as possible when at home.

I usually go tot he grocery store on Saturday, but did not this weekend, thinking we would be done that day and I would just go on Sunday. I was wrong. And I didn't go. And we would need milk and bread before this week is over.

So, Hubby said, "I'll go on Tuesday." I thought that if he just went for milk and bread and a couple of other things, it would not cost much. I didn't even send him with a deal list and coupons, though, he would have done my deals. I figured they will come along again and was not worried about missing out.

Hubby called a little while ago to let me know he had gone to the store and got everything. Then, hesitantly, he told me he spent $82! ....$82!!! I never spend that much at the grocery store for a week's worth of groceries. He started listing off all the stuff he got, and the prices he told me were good ones. It was just.......$82!!!

I told him he cannot go to the grocery store by himself anymore......or with me.

He is banned from the grocery store.


slugmama said...

Ah....poor Sweet Knees.
I think we all need to invest in a price gun/scanner thingy. Then we can make our own lower prices at the store and never EVER spend $82 again.lol

Frances said...

Don't feel sorry for Sweet Knees. I didn't yell at him out loud. It was mostly in my mind.

I guess I shouldn't be that upset. I was reading on a "frugal" forum and people were talking about spending over $100/week for 2 people! And even higher number. People that can't get their bill under $150 - $200/week for their family.

When our 3 kids lived at home, we spent about the same amount we do now. We just didn't eat as much fish or meat for that matter.

I am better now and won't even yell at Hubby when I get home. :-)

slugmama said...

Frances--We spend way more than $100 a month but even so, to spend more than say $20 in a single shopping trip now makes me cringe. It's just that I've gotten use to lots of little shopping amounts rather than a big shop. Even the little shops end up adding up to the same amount if I were to do just 1 or 2 big shops a month. It's just the psychology of seeing that big number I guess.....or I'm just crazy.lolol
I know you didn't yell at SK...I just meant that he prolly felt bad himself having to tell you he spend that much...or maybe he didn't, I don't know.lol
I would have had that same conversation in my mind too. ;-)

Annie Jones said...

Shane does OK with just picking up an item or two on the way home from work, but I don't think I'd ever send him to the week's shopping by himself. He knows a horrible price when he sees one, but he usually can't tell a great sale price from an average one, so he'd come home with a bunch of regularly priced stuff thinking it was on sale. LOL.

I try to shop without him or Kat along. She hates going, and I would rather she didn't, so I try to go when they're both at school or work.

Frances said...

Hi, Sluggy and Annie! Thanks for coming buy.

Hubby does okay when he just runs to get a few things. And he really knows good prices on things. (I guess he listens to me. LOL!) He just finds a lot of bargains. He found several nice packages of meat in the bargain bin. They were great prices. But any time you buy meat, the bill just goes up.

He also feels the need to buy "surprises" for me. LOL! I guess I can't be too mad at a guy that blows the grocery budget...which we really don't have....by buying something for me.

Sluggy, you work way harder on being frugal than I have the energy to. One trip to the grocery store per week is enough for me.

I don't think Hubby really felt bad. We can afford to spend that at the grocery store. It is not going to hurt us financially. I just don't like to do it. LOL!

spaghetti0625 said...

You know, I read stuff like this and always wonder....did he do that on purpose? My DH has done some things in the past, where I then ban him for it....and I'M the one that suffers, not him. I caught on quick, and make him do it again, the right way, and if he messes up, he suffers a consequence. If my DH came home after spending $82 on groceries, he'd surely be in the dog house :)

Frances said...

Hi, spaghetti! You mean like maybe he did it to make me mad???

No way! Hubby does his best to make me the happiest of happy. And he would be devastated if I were really upset with him. I am the spoiled rotten queen of my castle and that is all his fault.

He was just helping out by volunteering to go to the grocery store when I didn't go this weekend, so I would not have to go after work. He actually used to do all the grocery shopping, until I started couponing.

If I need him to, I can give him a list and coupons and he will get just what is on the list. I didn't really have a list this weekend, since I decided we didn't need any deals, just some basics. And Hubby is always free to buy any bargains he sees. We can rarely "list" meat bargains...we just hope to find them.

When I got home last night, I looked over the receipt and he did not buy a thing that I would not have gotten if I had been there with him. And all the prices were good ones. He just found more bargains than I usually do.

McVal said...

LOL! I just wish those bannings would stick!
He's an impulse buyer, isn't he?...

Frances said...

Well, McVal, I don't think he will offer to go for me for a while. LOL!

He can be an impulse buyer. He will stick to a list, but if he finds a bargain, he grabs it. So do I. I did buy a ton of round steak last week. :-)

Our freezer is stocked. We won't have to buy any type of meak for a while, so the next couple of months, the grocery bill will be lower than normal.

SonyaAnn said...

That was some expensive bread and milk. Sip it slowly!
Think of the grocery store as a strip club. There are just too many choices for a guy to make a good decision. He did his best!

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn. I feel really bad for making it sound like he did such an awful thing. He just shopped more like a "normal" person and less like me.

But we won't need to go to the grocery store this weekend, so it will average out to $41/week two weeks. That is less than I normally spend.

Maybe we should start grocery shopping every other week. Hmmmm....

SonyaAnn said...

He's too sweet to stay mad at! Glad you are over it. See if you can't stretch it out to two weeks and then he did better than you!
Happy Friday!

Frances said...

Happy Friday to you, SonyaAnn. There is really no stretching to it, as we don't buy for "this week" except for milk, bread and produce. Hubby found some milk discounted so got a few and put them in the freezer. We have a lot of frozen veggies in the freezer. So, all we HAVE to get this weekend will be bread. Well, probably not until Monday.

Annie Jones said...

Frances, it sound like we have a similar tactic when it comes to shopping. Very little of what I buy on shopping day is for the upcoming week. We usually need milk, eggs, tortilla chips (Shane is addicted, I think), fruit and a few veggies if it's not gardening season. Sometimes I'll have to replenish an herb or spice or need some unusual ingredient for the upcoming week. Otherwise, everything I buy is on a really good sale and will be used for meals in the future.

Frances said...

That is exactly how I shop, Annie Jones. I don't even buy eggs for "this week". I just always make sure we have eggs and we have rarely run out, so I guess I estimate pretty well.

Now, when we go to a local farm to shop, some of what we get is for the current week, but even most of the produce we buy there is destined for the freezer.

Of course, sometimes something will get eaten in the same week I buy it, if Hubby decides to make it. He can cook whatever he wants to. LOL!

Together We Save said...

Oh I am sorry your knee is hurt... Hope you are feeling better soon.

I can honestly say my husband has never shopped in the grocery store since we met.... I can not even imagine what he would come home with. LOL

Kaylen said...

Aw, but he gets an A for going to the store right? :)
I usually spend about $80 a week for my son and I - he's a teen!! I need to work on budgeting this month though, so am going to try and cut it back to $60.

Frances said...

Hi, Denise and Kaylen. Thanks for coming by!

Yes, Hubby DOES get an A for shopping this week.

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL! I don't let Thomas go because he never gets the right stuff. Plus, as I love to cook, the grocery store is pretty much a Mecca for me!!!! I love to see what's new, what's on sale, what's fresh, try new things, etc. Plus being in Italy there are sooo many cool things to check out!

I won't tell you what I spend regularly. It's NOT frugal, but a girl has to have her fun, no??

Frances said...

Jeannie, I have to admit, I love the grocery store, too.

I can't even imagine what I would spend on food in Italy!