Tuesday, August 24, 2010

14 lbs of Round Steak

Well, almost 14 lbs. I actually got 13.64 lbs.

To some this looks delicious. To me, it is just beef. Not my fave, though I will eat it.

On Saturday, I went to Kroger and checked the bargain bin in the meat department. No bargains there! But I was wandering around looking, since occasionally there are some markdown packages in the rest of the meats adn If I find a good price on a steak, I will get one for Hubby.

I picked up a package, labeled "London Broil". Hmmmmm....it was a big package....and it was only $5.73. I looked closely and saw that it was on sale for $1.99/lb. Not really cheap, but pretty cheap for beef lately. So, I threw it in the cart. When I checked out, I thought it was a good deal when the register said "savings $8.64.

I went home and threw it in the freezer. Later, I told Hubby I got it and what the price was and he asked how many I got. Ummmmm....one. He said, "you should have gotten a couple more." Usually he would head to the store and get some, but we had a busy weekend and his foot is giving him trouble, so I was doing my best to keep him off of it when we didn't have to go somewhere.

But I thought about that meat and that it was a pretty good price, so after work, and a workout at Curves yesterday, I stopped at Kroger and got 4 more packs....11 lbs for $21.42. So, I spent a total of $27.15 for almost 14 lbs of beef.

Bob will probably cook it in the crockpot and we will get several meals out of each package. So we have beef for a while. He is a happy boy!


Anonymous said...

Great deal Frances, lucky they had more left when you went back!

Frances said...

Hi, Marilyn! Well either it wasn't the deal I thought, or Kroger had restocked, because they had a lot of packs on Saturday and yesterday. Hubby asked how many were left and I told him a lot. He may go back today. LOL!

Once upon a time $1.99/lb would have been way over my price range for beef, but not unfortunately not any more.

Annie Jones said...

Ok, this is how weird I am, but that chunk of meat looks like a map of the US with a bit of Florida and New England trimmed off.

(Yep, I see things. But at least I'm not hearing voices.)

I think $1.99 is a good price. I got some all-natural chuck roast for that price a little while ago, but usually the only beef that's under $2/lb around here is ground beef.

Annie Jones said...

Dang! Parts of Texas are missing, too. I really am seeing things, I guess. *rolling my eyes*

Frances said...

Annie Jones, you are a little weird, but you are right, it does look like that! LOL!

Lately the only beef I see under $2/lb is ground beef as well. Sigh.

Frances said...

ROFL at your second comment, Annie Jones. You are too funny today!

SonyaAnn said...

That is a really good price! I wish we could get it at that price around here! That is hamburger sale price in these parts!!!

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn! I thought it was a good price, too. Our regular price for hamburger...at my Kroger.... has been running $1.60/lb on sale, so I was pretty happy with the price.

This week Kroger has hamburger for $1.49/lb. I remember when I would not buy it until it was under $1!!

I need to see if our meat market has a better price before I stock up.