Friday, August 6, 2010

"Always listen to Frances."

I am directly quoting my MIL from last night and seriously, I think my head has swelled.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate Samantha's 23rd birthday. Yes, today our middle child is 23!We went out after I got home from work, to eat Mexican food and it was delish. The night before, when Hubby was telling me the plans that he, MIL and Samantha made, he told me that when talking to Samantha, she said that she was going to quit her job when school starts, since it only pays minimum wage. She just got is a couple of weeks ago and prior to that went about a month with no money coming it. Her bf, who she lives with, works full time, so I guess he didn't mind her not bringing in money. Hubby did not know why she planned to quit.

So, last night, after all the hellos, and ordering of food, I asked Sam about her quitting the job. And I asked if she had gotten her work study. She did!!

I think I posted about Sam's mom filling out the FAFSA this year and Sam qualifying for NO aid. Well, right after I found that out, I told her to go to the financial aid office and talk to them. I didn't know if all work study jobs filled up, but she had just finished one at the end of June and I figure if all the jobs did not fill up that her boss would love to have her back so as not to have to train someone new.

She listened to me! She actually listened to me! She went, she talked, she got her work study back. I didn't ask if she got any other aid, but really I don't think she will need much more. She only has 3 classes and she is done. Oh, and MIL gave her $500 for the semester, just like she has done since Sam started college. (She did the same thing for her other 2 grandchildren that went to college.)

Samantha said, "Frances knows more about school than I do." Then MIL said, "Always listen to Frances. She knows what she is talking about." I was very flattered. (Though in this case, they were totally right.)

I was SO happy that Sam listened. I was afraid she might not. Maybe our little girl IS growing up!


Annie Jones said...

Glad everything worked out for Samantha!

Now if I could only get my kids (either Kat or Jean) to listen to me...

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones! Samantha is actually the one that will pretty much always listen to me. Thank God someone will! LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

All Hail Frances!!! You earned it!

Frances said...

LOL! Thanks SonyaAnn, I need a little hailing once in a while.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yippeeee!!! So happy to hear things are going so well for Samantha (Happy Birthday too!) and that you are getting the recognition you deserve.

No one listens to me....but they should!!!