Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We could use a little rain

But I don't know if we need this much!

I did not even know there was a tropical storm on the way! I didn't watch much news this weekend, obviously. Hubby and I went to Kroger yesterday....he has redeemed himself and is allowed in the store.....and the sun was shining. While in the store, we heard thunder. We walked toward the front of the store and it was POURING rain! And the wind was swirling, so the rain was going every direction. Ugh!

While I was checking out, Hubby went and got the car. When I got outside, he motioned me to a spot near one of the doors, then backed up under the overhang to let me load groceries into the trunk without getting wet. Several ladies huddled there commented on how sweet it was that Hubby did that. One of them then sent her son to get the car. LOL! And another backed up under the overhang near us. Hubby started a trend of nice gentlemen helping their wives or moms stay a little dry.

By the time we got home, the rain had tapered off to a drizzle, but I checked the weather on line and saw that there was a freaking tropical storm hitting Texas! Here is what it looks like right now....(See Houston? That is where I am.)
It is dark, thundering and raining outside. I have to turn around to see out of the windows, so have not seen any lightening. For our neighbors south of us, I hope the storm passes quickly for you.

Thank goodness I am inside today.

We had a lovely holiday weekend, spending most of the time just relaxing at home. I ran out to Walgreens on Saturday to get some deals. I came home with:

2 Nice & Easy Haircolor
4 Softsoap Body Wash, $3 total after RR
2 Colgate Total toothpaste, free after RR
2 Carmex Lip balm, free after RR
2 Wags 8 count tampons, free after RR
2 hand sanitizer, $.75 each on clearance
1 Visine
1 30-count Wags brand of Claritin

Total out of pocket was $34, which was a little steep, but I didn't have any RRs to use. (I only had coupons for the haircolor, one BW and the Visine), but I earned $22. So, I was really happy.

On Monday, Hubby and I went and ate pizza for lunch, then stopped by Kroger. He did really well and only got what we came for. LOL! We really only needed bread and some diet sodas, but I had read of a deal on Ronzoni pasta and had printed out coupons, so got 10 packs of Ronzoni for $4.45!! What a great price. I may print out coupons at home and get more if the sale goes on through next week. Darn, I should have checked the shelf tags. Well, I will check HotCouponWorld. I am sure someone there will know.

We had a really nice weekend. Hope you all did, too!


Pam said...

We have friends in the area so we heard all about it. We could use some rain here. Great shopping at Walgreen's, love that store.

McVal said...

We got dumped on yesterday! It's on it's way to you now... slowly.
Worked in doors mostly on Monday. Getting ready for homecoming and houseguests this weekend.

Frances said...

Pam, I do love Walgreens... sometimes. LOL!

Frances said...

Where the heck are you, McVal??? Our rain is coming from south of us. I thought you were in Iowa??

SonyaAnn said...

"..he has redeemed himself and is allowed in the store."-Laughing!!!
I ran a few deals this weekend too! I got 22 things of free cheese. You could barely keep me out of Jewel!

Frances said...

Oh, SonyaAnn, I WISH I had a Jewel! I could use some free cheese. I did get some cheap cheese, but none fee for me.

slugmama said...

We should drive to SonyaAnn's a kidnap her free cheese Frances....I'll pick you up around 6....

Frances said...

Good idea, Sluggy! I can always use more cheese!

Pam said...

I am very thankful that we didn't get any more rain. This has been one of our wettest years so far.
I love Walgreens but some of their cashiers don't understand RR.

Frances said...

Hi, Pam! I liked Walgreens a lot more when they had the monthly rebats. Now, I am a little ho hum about shopping there and only go a couple times a month.

I wish their RRs had a longer expiration date, like CVS's ECBs. I have even emailed Walgreens corporate and the only response I got was the store manager calling me. He agreed with me, but that didn't change anything.

SonyaAnn said...

I got $.20 veggies to day and free biscuits at Jewel. You and sluggy stop by and we will have drinks and try to make a dinner out of my free stuff!