Friday, September 17, 2010


Yes, vacation!! I am going on vacation!! Can you tell I am excited!

About a month ago, Hubby asked if we could go visit our son, Chance, for Hubby's birthday, then spend a couple of days at a casino in Louisiana. Yes, sir! I had no problem honoring that request. So we are going on a birthday trip.

We will go first to spend some time with Chance, since he deploys to Afghanistan next month. We are hoping to have a family farewell party for him before he goes here in town, but Hubby and I want a visit with him to ourselves, so we are going. We will stay in a hotel in the town Chance lives in. He said we could stay at his apartment, but Hubby said we could not run around nekkid there, so we got a hotel. I got a discounted room through AARP and it even has free breakfast. Yeah for discounts and free! Then to the casino for a couple of days.

Since I am such a high roller, NOT, the casino comped our room, so it is FREE!(And the regular rate is $95 night!) My favorite. We are staying in what they call a "chalet", which is a little trailer. A little bigger than travel trailers, though. They have a separate bedroom and living space and a full kitchen, stocked with dishes, pots and pans and cutlery.

There is also a nice deck with picnic table and grill. So all we have to take is food to make there. (When we go on trips, we always take food and dishes, utensils, pans and a hotplate to make it. LOL!) We will eat out some, since I am sure I have some food comps at the casino just waiting to be used up, but we prefer not to eat out for every meal. We like to use most of our money for gambling. Yes, gambling.

I know some people have a problem with gambling, but I do not. I consider it entertainment and do not go to win. I just enjoy playing. And we never take more money than we are willing to leave there. We still spend less than we would if we just went on a vacation somewhere else and had to pay for hotels and all our meals.

I plan to spend some time just relaxing in the chalet and not as much time at the casino as I usually do, since I want to get the inflammation in my knee healed up and figure a week off work is the perfect opportunity. I will be taking my netbook, since the room has free wifi, and plenty of reading material. And of course there is a big tv in the living room for a couple of season premieres next week.

We will be home on Wednesday and I plan to spend Thursday and Friday staying off my knee as much as I can.

I am such a good wife to give Hubby a trip for his birthday. A cheap trip, but it is still a trip. LOL!

Hubby's birthday, last year.


slugmama said...

Didn't you just take time off?lol
I am all for more vacations...yay!
And I have no problem with gambling as long as you aren't using the rent or something. Gambling as entertainment is fine if you know when to stop. ;-)

Have a great relaxing time, don't think about work, eat as much as you want, sleep as much as you want and heal up that knee!!

Frances said...

Yeah, I took a week off in May. I know! It was just like yesterday. LOL!

Actually, this is the first time in YEARS that I have taken more than one full week of vacation in the same year. Usually, I take one full week and break up the rest into mini vacations.

And you know me, I am too cheap to gamble away very much.

Have a great weekend, Sluggy!

Pam said...

Sounds great to me! Have a fabulous time!

Frances said...

I will, Pam! Thanks!

Debbie said...

I'm so happy you are going to get to visit Chance and have a little vacation. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Frances said...

Thanks, Debbie! And thanks for coming by.

Annie Jones said...

I think you have a healthy outlook on gambling. That's the way I looked at it the few times I went the casinos here. I decided I didn't enjoy it enough to justify the cost, though, so I don't go anymore. (Same reason I don't go to concerts anymore, either.)

Have a wonderful time and stay safe!

Frances said...

Annie Jones, some people think that I am a weird gambler, as I don't go to win. I just go to have fun. If I come home with money, it just goes into savings.

McVal said...

Have a great time! LOL! I have GOT to use that line so we wont' have to stay at my sisters!! "But we can't run around nekkid!"