Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Torn achilles tendon? That ain't nuthin!

OMG, I have been watching WAY too much Maury lately. But that is a story for another day.

So, I told you about my klutzy fall a while back. I have mostly recovered from that, though my right foot still feels a bit "funny". I don't know how else to describe it. It does not hurt, but I can't walk normally. Not wanting to be a hypochondriac, I have refrained from diagnosing myself using the internet. And since the doctor didn't mention anything when he looked at my MRI results, I figured, it would just eventually get better.

Today, I went to the ortho to get the first of my Euflexxa shots. We are going to try and see if they help my left knee which is the really painful one. I have read about it and it helsp soe people but not all. So I am hopeful, but being realistic.

Since I am paying over $400 for those darn MRIs, I asked for a copy of the results from the doctor today.

Guess what?!

I tore my right achilles tendon in that fall. I asked the doctor why it wasn't mentioned when the results were mentioned in my last visit and was told that since I was not having any pain, there was not need to worry me with it.


Shouldn't I have, maybe, rested it more? Had it wrapped? Anything to help it heal? I guess not.

Fortunately, it must be healing as my walking is better/easier, but just seems like that is something the doctor would tell me.

Oh, well, I will letyou know how the Euflexxa works.


Out My window said...

A torn Achilles is hard to heel. It is one of the most serious dance injuries. Ice, heat, ice, heat walk ice, heat anti inflammatory s. Sorry.

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by Out My window! I know torn Achilles is bad for dancers and athletes. Fortunately...or is that unfortunately?....I am neither.

I just feel blessed that it is not painful. I can deal with walking funny for a while.

McVal said...

CRUMB!!! Don't they know that's what brought down a Greek mythological god??
They should tell you these things...

Sonya Ann said...

WHAT THE HELL!!!! I swear doctors really aren't that bright. Ummmmm yes, that would be something that you should have been TOLD!
Just tell everybody that it was an old football injury. Now its a cool injury.
Get better SOON!

Frances said...

Some days I wonder if my ortho prefers to treat young athletes instead of old arthritic women. LOL! When he was acting like I was wanting too much pain medication, my thought was that if I were drug seeking, I could get better meds from my GP for a lot fewer visits and copays.