Friday, April 18, 2014

I feel so current!

My company does a LOT of fundraising for the March of Dimes. It actually does a lot of charitable activities, but March of Dimes is near and dear to one of our vice presidents as she has a child that was born premature with a lot of issues. So she takes fundraising for March of Dimes very seriously.

Teams are created and do different activities to raise money and whatever is raised is matched by the company. Last year over $150,000 was given. That number is not huge, but the cool thing is that half was raised by employees.

There are talent shows, raffles, bake sales, competitions and anything else anyone can think of as a fun activity. A couple of years we had dunking booths where you could by tickets to try and dunk VPs. I don't know if that will happen this year as the area used for it is currently under construction.

One activity that is coming up is the "Knowledge Bowl" which is a trivia competition. Some members of my group have formed a team, on of whom has been bragging about how good she is at trivia, how she is on a team that plays weekly, etc.

I have found that when people brag about how much they know, you often find out that they THINK they know more than they actually do. Actually, that is the case for a lot of bragging, I think.

Anyway, that girl, my boss and another attorney were standing around (near my desk) talking about preparing for the competition and talking about what they DON'T know. My boss, who is an attorney and really smart, was saying he knows nothing about pop-culture. TV or movies. He has two kids that graduated from college in the last couple of years. How do you have college age kids and not have stuff rub off on you?? He is a year older than me with kids a few years younger than mine, so I expected he would know stuff.

The other attorney may be in her 40s...I am not sure, but she has a 15 year old and she doesn't sound like she knows any more than my boss. She only recently found out who Drake is. Really? I don't listen to Drake, but I know who he is. (It does not hurt that he is HOT.)

The other lady.....the bragging one....only learned who Drake is recently....and she is 40! She said she knew little about movies and music. WHAT? How can you participate in trivia contests and not know movies and music?

I hope the team does well. After all it included my boss. But really....they made me feel so HIP today!

It is a good day!

Happy Good Friday to you all.


McVal said...

As a kid, every year I'd take pledges going door to door and do the 10 mile March of Dimes Walk-a-thon. What a great memory! THanks for the reminder!

Frances said...

Glad I could stir up good memories for you, Val!

Sonya Ann said...

Drake is hot and I never heard of him. You don't want me for the trivia team. LOL

Linda said...

Who is Drake?

We usually play on teams. There were several attorneys and many PhDs. I am good at Trivial Pursuit and am neither an attorney or PhD. I got all the old tv stuff, not new popular culture questions. I doubt I would fare well on those questions! But, I am old.

I am going to have to look up Drake!

Frances said...

Okay, maybe Drake was not the best example. He has been in the news a lot here as there is a big push for him to come meet a girl who is dying of brain cancer and her wish is to meet him. I know...not a lot happening in Houston lately. LOL! But he is a rapper/songwriter/actor who is really popular with teenagers. I am not into Rap, so don't listen to him, but did see him on Saturday Night Live and his acting was pretty good.

My real point is that I don't think that someone should be bragging about how they know everything but then find they don't know things you would expect someone their age to know.

I would not have expected the female attorney that didn't know Drake to know him EXCEPT that she has a 15 year old daughter that LOVES Drake. How do you not know about things your daughter loves?

Or maybe I am just too judgemental.

Frances said...

Oh, and I don't think you need to be an attorney or a PHD to do well at trivial pursuit.

You just have to be interested in learning and pay attention to things.