Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can I BE a bigger klutz?

I normally do not consider myself a klutz. Most of the time, I am pretty graceful. But I was klutzy last night and today I am paying for it.

I have told you all about my arthritic knees and getting shots that helped with the pain. Usually, the shots work for about 6 months. This time, the one in my left knee wore off in about a month. So, I hobbled around for about a month, then finally went back to the orthopedic to see if I could get a different anti-inflammatory. I have been taking Celebrex and it does not get rid of the pain. I figured there must be something that can help. Hubby regularly offers me some of his pain meds, and he has good ones, but I won't take them as my company instituted random drug testing. I don't want to get busted. LOL!

So the orthopedic did give me some pain meds that are helping, but she said that my arthritis is not advanced enough to be causing this much pain, so she wants me to have a MRI to see if there is some other issue. So I am waiting to hear from the imaging center to set up an appointment.

I am just happy that she gave me something that is working better than the mass quantities of ibuprophen I was taking every day.

The klutz issue???? Last night after I got off the bus after work and headed to my car, I bumped my foot on one of those concrete things in the parking lot, lost my balance and went flying into my car. I ended up on the ground on the knee that has been hurting. I landed HARD. A gentleman did get out of his car and ask if I was okay. I told him I was as I was a little embarrassed.

Then I pulled myself up and got in my car. My knee didn't hurt too much. Sure it didn' was numb. I got home and kept an ice pack on it all evening. And have had one on it all morning. Ugh!!! It hurts.

AND, I volunteered to take our son grocery shopping this evening as he is really poor right now. I will be drugging up and carrying on, since that is what a good parent does, right?

I am not a klutz....I am not a klutz....I am not a klutz.


Linda said...

When you do that (hurt yourself), and must go shopping, get in the electric cart. Walking on it after injuring it will make it worse--like you don't know that.

Read this post and see what I discovered about my unremitting pain and a possible solution. Okay, I am positive.

Frances said...

After spending the day with an ice pack, my knee was better. I am sure I just bruised it as walking is not much more painful that normal.

I will go check out your post.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the time I was whacked out on pain killers from blowing out my knee and the kids were cleaningout the garage. And I had the kids pull me on the sled with no snow. And totally pulled the other knee. Yeah KLUTZ

Frances said...

I DO remember you telling about that. I don't think I have to worry about that. I got some pain meds, but nothing that will whack me out.

Sonya Ann said...

I was going to say what Linda said. She beat me too it.
I'm a klutz all the time. I used to be graceful but now I fall and smack into things all of the time and I have no idea why. Den says I should try being sober. Mouthy SOB.

Frances said...

I'm not even that klutzy when I drink. Well, not that I remember. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

"Not that I remember" that one made me laugh.

McVal said...

Oh I'm so sorry!!!! yeowch!