Sunday, March 2, 2014

To MRI or not to MRI

Right now the answer is never again.

Back in December, I went to my orthopedic dr and got shots in both knees for my arthritis and bone spurs and one in my right heel for bone spurs I have there. Ahhhh....they felt so much better, though I am not even going to tell you how much that shot in my heel hurt
when I got it!

In January, my left knee and right heel started hurting again. What?! Before, the shots had lasted about six months. And they wore off in a month? I was not happy. But I didn't go back to the doctor as I know I can only get shots once every 6 months. So, what could he do? I hobbled along taking LOTS of Excedrin, ibuprophen and even tried plane old aspirin and naproxen. Oh, and due to a sinus infection I even had a couple rounds of steroids. None brought total relief, so I broke down and made an appointment.

The dr gave me a prescriptions for some pain meds, but wanted me to have MRIs done as my arthritis is not advanced enough to hurt this much. She said I might have a torn meniscus. Just great! But I won't worry about that yet. So I started on the pain meds and waited for a call to schedule the MRIs.

The medication I am taking is tramadol hcl and it is working pretty well. I need to boost it sometimes with some Excedrin, but I am still not taking as much OTC pain meds as I was. I walk a lot at work, so weekdays are especially painful and I am grateful for the meds that reduce the pain so that I can walk without crying.

Oh, and before I even got the MRIs scheduled, I had my little fall last week, so gave the doctor even more to look at on the MRIs. LOL!

Yesterday, I went to have my MRIs. I love that I could have it done on a Saturday and not have to miss work. I am a dedicated employee that way. Hubby has had a few MRIs, so warned me about the noise involved. I was not to worried. I figured I can stand anything for an hour. Especially if it will lead to getting me pain free.

The noise didn't bother me so much as having to remain still for so long. OMG! I kept thinking, "I have got to move." Since it was my lower body, I could move my arms and head, but I was so worried about moving my legs. LOL! It was crazy stressful.

I never thought I was claustrophobic, but I just don't think I could ever go head first into one of those things. I hope I never need one! Now I wait until I hear from the doctor who should have the results on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is staying warm and being safe. We are getting a cold front tonight as is much of the country.


slugmama said...

I hope they find whatever it is so you can have it taken care of.
I had two MRIs last year but they were relatively quick. I have a claustrophobia issue myself but this these weren't so bad.

christina neumann said...

I hatr MRI s , next time ask for an open one. You may have to find where there is on, but it is worth it. Last time , I thought I was just going to go nuts. I thought I cannot do this , I'm going to ring the emergency bell and run. But, I did it. :(

Frances said...

There are actually open MRIs in our area, I just didn't think I needed one. I was pretty proud that I didn't push the button.....but I thought about it.

Linda said...

first time--I went to sleep in the MRI and frightened everyone because I did not answer when they called my name.

second time--requested a valium.

third time--just refused to go all the way in, and made them take me out

every time thereafter--open MRI no matter how far I had to drive.

Sonya Ann said...

I hope that they find out what is wrong, living in pain SUCKS!

McVal said...

I am SO sorry you're in pain! Sonya's right. Pain SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

It is loud but they have always given me headphones and put on some music. Get it done just to make sure you didn't do more damage