Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are you wondering about the outcome of my MRI?

I know you are. Well, maybe not, but I will share anyway.

 This is NOT my knee x-ray, but looks a lot like it.

It is not pretty. I have inherited my mom’s knees. I really didn’t even need to have the MRI done on my knee. I think I won’t be seeing the PA again. Well, I thought she was a PA, but I think she is a RN/Nurse Practitioner. Now, I have nothing against RNs/Nurse Practioners/PAs and will happily see any of them, but in this case she kinda did me a disservice.

The dr said that the x-rays she was looking at were a year and a half old, so she should have taken newer X-rays instead of sending me for MRIs. It would not be a huge deal except that my part of the MRI cost was $368, since I had not met my deductible yet. AND it looks like I will receive a bill for another $200 as the radiologist that read the MRIs is out of network! Ugh! I may contest that bill and pay less than the $300 as I did not authorize and out of network anything.

My orthopedic took newer X-rays and surprise, surprise… my arthritis in my left knee has progressed to the point where the inner part of the joint is bone on bone. My mom has that. Dr. said that it is the level that would make me a candidate for knee replacement, but they don’t recommend it at my age. AND he told me I need to start working on losing weight so as to make it easier for the surgeon when I do have knee replacement. He said, "You WILL have to have knee replacement in your lifetime." I asked how I am supposed to lose weight when I can barely walk. He had no response.

I have some pain pills and he is going to inject something called Euflexxa. My insurance won’t cover the brand he has in his office, so they had to order it and I will go back when they get it in. He said it helps some people and not others. I am crossing my fingers that it helps me.

So, I am on pain meds and hobbling around right now. My knee is feeling a bit better this week. It is leading me to think that maybe SOME of the pain was from my klutzy circus act a few weeks ago. The bruising finally went away.

Oh, and the bone spur on my right heel....it doesn't hurt anymore. I told my Dr. that the fall must have fixed it. I can't think of any other explanation. But whatever the reason, I am happy about that.


Sonya Ann said...

You are a mess, kid.
I would contest the bill. But you know I complain about every bill so you probably would expect nothing less of me. And I'm sure the sluggy will tell you to contest it too.
I'm not a happy dieter so I can only say, "do you want to join me in this miserable diet?" They are never fun!

Anonymous said...

We have bad knees here to so I feel ya. I would def contest the bill though!!!!!!!!

Frances said...

I contacted my insurance company to ask what the in network payment would be to the radiologist and they are going to reprocess the claim as in network. I love having Aetna.

I feel for anyone with bad knees,