Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I found the Velveeta!

I don't know if you all were concerned about the reports of a possible Velveeta shortage that were floating around the internet a couple of weeks ago. We weren't really worried. Hubby buys Velveeta on occasion when he is in the mood for chili con queso (cheese dip)...he makes really GOOD chili con queso. (Now I want some!) But he does not buy it all the time. And said if there were a shortage, we would just wait it out and live without queso for a while.

Last Saturday, we went to Kroger to pick up some groceries. We also went to two other stores...but not my beloved Aldi...to pick up some deals. Look what I found at Kroger:

And this was a two sided display! And the other side was full! And this was the Saturday before the Super Bowl! I don't think there is a shortage of Velveeta where I live. LOL!

During our shopping trip, Hubby said he needed bread crumbs. (Yes, I know we can make our own, but we don't.) We headed down the aisle and I picked up a package of bread crumbs and started to put it in the cart. Hubby says, "No. I need panko." WHAT?! I didn't even know he knew what panko breadcrumbs were. LOL! When did my Hubby develop the need for specific breadcrumbs?

Oh, and he has discovered Nutella. I tried to stay away from it, but now we have it in my house. That stuff is hard to ignore, but I am trying.


slugmama said...

How about that?!
Sweet Knees is getting all "foodie" on you.

Next thing you know and he'll be wanting Gram Masala, Lemonaise and "1000 year old eggs". lolz

Linda said...

Since I have not bought Velveeta since before the last millennium ended, I will probably live without it forever. However, since the dire warnings of shortages, I have noticed there is plenty of V everywhere I shop.

Isn't that sad to be on the watch for something you never buy. I think I am starting to crave it now. Your post pushed me over the edge.

ND Chic said...

I think that was just a marketing ploy. I saw plenty of it here as well.

Anonymous said...

Know they are saying there is a shortage of string cheese..lol. As for the Nutella well I hide it. I know not one of my prouder moments but it is well hidden

McVal said...

I usually only buy the stuff if we're making cheesy salsa-y bean dip at New Years Eve and then I'm the only one eating it anyway.. OR we're making tator tot casserole for a pot luck.