Monday, April 1, 2013

Porkstraveganza at my house!

This is one of my new favorite things. There is a tv ad recently for someplace with bacon burgers and they use this slogan. I don't even know what they are advertising. LOL! But I love hearing the bacon quote.

Why? Well, because I love bacon! I may not eat it much and it may be bad for me, but I love it!

So you know I was beyond thrilled when we happened upon the pork motherload in the markdown bin at Kroger when we went grocery shopping on Saturday. I hate grocery shopping the day before a holiday, but Hubby dragged me there without warning. But he has been forgiven.

We always checkss the manager's mark down bin in the meat department and sometimes there is another section of markdowns. While Hubby was checking the first one I happened to turn to the second one and saw a package of bacon for $1! Yes, $1! So I grabbed it. Then saw more! I said, "Honey, look!" (Quietly, of course, not wanting to give away my excitement.) But I wanted him over there before someone else spotted the haul. We started throwing stuff in the cart like crazy. LOL!

We got everything in this pic for $30!
It included: 4 2 lb Hormel boneless hams for $2.99 each (regular price $9.99) 3 packs of Blue Ribbon bacon for $1.99 each., 5 packs of Oscar Mayer bacon for $1 each, 1 pack of some brand I don't remember for $1 (its't the green and white pack in the front), 1 Holmes sausage for $1, 2 packs of lunchmeat for $1.99 each and 2 packs lunchmeat for $1 each.

We did not take everything that was marked down, but we took everything we wanted. It was late afternoon. Usually, you gotta be there first thing in the morning or you are out of luck. The store was packed, so we were just lucky to find it. Of course, there could have been a ton more.

I only know the regular price of the hams because we were overcharged on one and I had to get an adjustment. But we saved a TON of monay and the best part.....we've got bacon!!! WooHoo! Everything is in the freezer now. We are SO stocked.

On the Aldi front.....I am taking off work on April 11 JUST FOR THE ALDI GRAND OPENING. LOL! And since that is a Thursday, I am taking off 4/12, too, just to have a long weekend. Who knows, I may go to Aldi on Friday, too.


Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

Toking off? Was that a Freudian slip? If so, at least you're stocked up on good things to eat. LOL!

Frances said...

How funny! That must have been a Freudian slip. Or a sign that I should not be sneaking in a post when I should be working. LOL!

Thanks for the catch Annie...I have corrected my slip.

slugmama said...

Great score....everything is better with bacon!!

McVal said...

LOL! Do they have the bacon flavored mouthwash??

Sonya Ann said...

Honey, you may have to go to Aldi everyday for a week just to get it out of your system! Oh it is just great there. I am saving a TON of money. It will be everything that you hoped for. It brings a tear to my eye.
And woo hoo for a bacon haul! Makes my heart sing or it could just be a clogged artery that is making that noise.

Frances said...

Sluggy, you are almost right. Oddly, I don't like bacon on burgers. Maybe I am weird.

Frances said...

McVal, I imagine that mouthwash would be a best seller. LOL!

Frances said...

Oh, SonyaAnn, you are so right. I am so excited about Aldi I can hardly contain myself.


Once you get your Aldi and they're used to you, can you talk them into giving me one? I'll gladly share it with the rest of the people in this town, I promise.

BACON!! Yumm!! Nice haul!

Frances said...

Donna, I will see what I can do. LOL!