Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aldi, you have Kroger's attention!

First of all, I have to rant a bit.

I got home from work yesterday and found that Hubby had gone to Kroger. I asked him why and he said to get the stuff on his list that we did not get at Aldi last Friday. I said, "Honey, we got the stuff on your list last Friday." He insisted we didn't, multiple times. He was just sure that we did not go to Kroger that day.

I HAD TO SHOW HIM THE RECEIPT from last Friday's trip to Kroger, where we spent $44, to prove we went. Maybe he is just getting senile. But he spent $77!!! And we didn't need anything. Oh, admittedly, he got some good deals as he loves to dig through the manager's mark down bin, but $77! I told him he could not go to any store again this week.

So, our trip to Aldi cost $18.38 and 2 trips to Kroger totalling $121. OMG!! We have never spent $140 in one week at the grocery store. Never. I was close to heart palpitations. I mean, we can afford it, but I don't want to spend that. And we don't need to.

This morning, Hubby gleefully showed me the Aldi ad in the paper and I told him we can't go anywhere until NEXT weekend.

I'm not mad or anything, but MAN! So, I opened an email from Kroger a little while ago and saw this:
Can you read the first line? It just cracked me up. Aldi definitely has our Krogers' attention. :-)

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Sonya Ann said...

Aldi has really driven the prices down around here. I was quite shocked. Even meat has dropped in price. I guess they figured it out, they couldn't compete with Aldi. The other stores in town all held their prices up and always did. We had to go to a store in a "bad" neighborhood to get lower prices. But even then it wasn't really worth the risk. Now it is so much better here. Everyone is talking about how great Aldi is. Can you tell I just love to talk about them?

Anonymous said...

I NEVER allow my hubby to shop for anything! Unless I plan on losing a lot of money. Ugh!

But he does come with me almost every week when I do the shopping run. I have it down to a system. I have a bunch of fav stores that I frequent: first stop, The Dollar Store, then Aldi, then Shop Rite or Wal Mart to pick up what Aldi didn't have. Lastly, a fill up on gas, which BTW is 20 cents a gallon cheaper than my own home town. I have to go over a toll bridge to reach this shopping mecca, thus I limit it to once per week. It's in a transient type of neighborhood (read=cheaper!) It's nice to have the company and DH and I have lots of fun!

Saving money is A LOT of fun! That's rule number one for successful shopping!

Happy sales!

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I don't think Kroger can lower its prices. Ours just remodelled and they have to pay for it somehow.

I love talking about Aldi, too!

Frances said...

Mylifeinfocus. This was really a mini rant as Hubby is really a good shopper. We have gotten really lucky lately at finding MEAT deals. I told him when he finda a bargain price to BUY IT ALL and he does. LOL! But we have a fully stocked freezer and pantry and my budget is not blown, so it's all good.

Both of us RARELY pay full price for anything. And I am sorry, I don't think a 10% discount is worth even getting dressed for. Hubby is pretty much the same. :-)

Jill said...

Our Aldi has redone a lot in the store and gotten more items. You can't beat the value and I've been looking unless of course it's home grown or local road side stands. We live near Amish farms so as the weather gets better we travel and get great deals there too. Have a great day!


Frances said...
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Frances said...
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Frances said...

Jill, thanks for coming to see me. I am sure Aldi will become one of my favorite stores!