Friday, April 12, 2013

Aldi is a hit in my town!

Hubby and I got in today!! WooHoo!

We left home around 9:00 to get to Aldi right after it opened. The parking lot already looked like this.
On every row! Hubby found a spot an a curb that was not TOO far to walk. And we headed in the store. There were employees giving carts to shoppers, so we didn't even have to use our Aldi quarter we have had in the car for a couple of weeks. LOL!

We were greeted as we walked in the door to this:
I don't know if you can tell, but it was filled with shoppers. We had a little clear space in front of us, then it was filled with shoppers and carts!

That is Hubby on the far right with the blue sleeve. I think he was already regretting walking in with me. He hates crowds. Oh, wait, I do, too!

We sucked it up and headed through the store as well as we could with all the people.
We checked out prices as best we could, but we really couldn't stop and peruse for long as there were just as many people behind us as in front of us. We could not even get down one of the produce aisles as it was blocked by shoppers and employees restocking produce. There were employees and flat of product all over the store. Employees were restocking all over the place. 
Here is another crowd shot. It is funny that in both pics it looks like there is a lot of clear space where Hubby and I are, but there really wasn't. It was hard to move around and Hubby was quickly frustrated. I was less frustrated as I can pretty much ignore people around me. But I could tell Hubby didn't need to be in there very long. LOL!

We did finally get through the blocked produce aisle and I heard a little girl in her mom's carts say, "This is our new favorite store, huh, Mommy?" Mommy said she didn't know about that. Maybe when the hype died down. I think that is kinda how I feel.

We got through the store and did get some stuff. Here is what we bought.
The very best price: Milk for $1.89/gallon!!! I haven't seen that price in years! 
We got to the check out and it went really fast. Even when Kroger is empty, checkout takes longer. And my total: $23.38! And I had a $5 coupon, so $18.38. Hubby was pretty impressed with that. Oh, and for the grand opening, Aldi was giving out bags...the plastic ones, not the fabric even though we brought our bags, I got some Aldi ones. Yes, they will get used at Kroger sometime. ;-)

We did have to go to Kroger for a few things we didn't find at Aldi. As we were driving, he said, "I hope this isn't grounds for divorce, but I was not that impressed." :-(

Don't worry, I am not going to divorce him. We talked and he agreed that a lot of the prices were really great and it might be better once the crowds died down. I kind of agree with him. I loved the prices, but I will like it better when I have time to look at everything. We couldn't even get down the paper products aisle and whatever else was on there. Couldn't get near the meat or most of the frozen stuff.

Our first experience at Aldi was money-saving even though it was too crowded. We went to Kroger and it was EMPTY.  I forgot to get an identifying pic on the way in, but here is when we left.


Anonymous said...

My husband did NOT like Aldi at the beginning. In fact, I had a really hard time with him. He didn't know the brand names and he was hesitant to try.
But here's the bottom line: you can't beat Aldi's prices! Period. The quality is very good. And since hubby is the only one bringing in any money around here, he should be grateful I am watching our bottom line.
Our quality of life has improved so much due to Aldi! We are eating better. We are saving money so that we can do other things that we couldn't before (such as going out to a movie, fiddling with a hobby or just plain putting money back in to a savings account!)
Now, my husband loves Aldi. He loves their German dark chocolate bars, their nuts, frozen chicken tenderloins,oatmeal and he adores their eggs!!!!! I've been able to put real butter back on our plate, donut-like whole bean coffee (tastes just like Dunkin Donut coffee)milk, and bread without high fructose corn syrup, raisin bran, and all those cheeses! fresh spinach and assorted fresh salads......gosh, I could go on and on and on.
True, Aldi does have some limitations but I've adjusted our meals accordingly. I rarely shop at other stores now unless it's to buy loss leaders or managers specials.

Thanks for the photos (which I showed my hubby!) I am so glad to see that Aldi will be successful. Happy shopping!

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

The milk at our Aldi runs about $3 a gallon, but I'm sure dairy prices vary regionally. Aldi is always my first stop because I know the regular prices will be cheaper than anywhere else, and they sometimes surprise me by having something in stock that I didn't remember them having. Then I go on to other grocery stores to fill in what I couldn't get at Aldi.

I've been a fan of Aldi since my parents shopped there in the late 70s, early 80s. Back then, the cashiers had a little register on a little stand and would key in prices as they transferred your items from your cart to an empty one beside it. They had all the prices memorized and were just as fast as they are now with conveyor belts and electronic scanners. It was so awesome to watch!

Our Trader Joe's (an Aldi affiliate) have been open a year or more and are STILL crowded like your pictures. I usually won't shop in them because of the crowds. But I bet your Aldi will normalize after a week or two and will become much more pleasant to be in.

Frances said...

Thank you both for coming to see me!

I think Hubby will like Aldi more once it calms down, though who knows, it might not calm down. But he is not a brand snob and is willing to try anything to save money. LOL! He is like a male me!

He loves finding the best price as much as I do. That is why, though we still shop high-priced Kroger some, we also shop Dollar General, Family Dollar, 99Cents Only and any other store that has quality products for good prices. Aldi will just be added to our shopping repertoire.

Jill said...

I love our Aldi's and it is usually packed most of the time. Shopping strategically you can get some really great deals. However I still have to shop at a second grocery store for more specific items. :-) We have become addicted to fresh milk from a local farmer and pay $5.00 a gallon, not good for a family of 4 but honestly it's worth it! ;-) Have a great weekend!


Frances said...

Hi, Jill. I don't imagine that our Aldi will ever be empty if the last two days was any indication. I know our HEB is always packed any time we drive by. We don't go there since it is not too close to home, but we go once in a while.

But I will be going to Aldi to do some shopping. How could I not?!

Sonya Ann said...

I love Aldi and I keep an Aldi quarter with me at all times!!!!!
It was the same thing here. It was crazy crowded for a few weeks and now I go on Thursdays and it is quite empty. SO no worries it will die down.
Den likes Aldi the only thing that we both aren't real fond of is having to go to other stores for the odd thing. But if that is what Aldi has to do to keep the prices down, so be it. I love them. I wish I could get an Aldi shirt.
Now I'm off to read the other comments. Anything Aldi has all of my attention!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Oh and one more thing, it seems that Aldi's packaged foods don't have as many preservatives in them. It seems their food is healthier. At least, that is what I have picked up on.

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn. I am thinking that I will still be all about Aldi. I was reading everything I could about Aldi before it opened. I have slowed down a bit, but still like to read about it. At least until I can get to get in there and spend time in the store. :-)

Hubby and I already shopped more than one store. We were Kroger shoppers for years, but have discovered places that have better prices. Like Family Dollar and Dollar General. And we have a local store that regularly has the fish we like on sale for better than anywhere else and it regularly had 1 lb bagged frozen veggies for $.99, so we stock up there every month or so. I didn't get to check frozen veggies at Aldi.

We still avoid WalMart. LOL! I just hate it on the weekends and that is when I usually have to shop.