Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meet the family!

Since Mark commented that he didn't know my family, I realized that I have not been posting pics like I used to. So, here are some pics so anyone that hasn't "met" my family will know who I am talking about.

Here is Hubby and me.
 Me, Chance, Samantha, Meredith, Bob (aka: Hubby), this was on Chance's 22nd birthday, 3 days before he deployed to Afghanistan.
Meredith, Samantha, John (Samantha's fiance), and grandson #2, Jacob, in foreground
 Grandson #1, Theo, Grandson #2, Wyatt, and Hubby
 Chance and Jacob
 Chance in Iraq, 2008...this is how he looks at work.
So, there is my family! I will try to post more pics, so you all don't forget everyone!


Mark said...

Thank you very much for that. You all look great!
And you have a boy in the Military? I take my hat off to him.
How nice to wake up and see that you created a post to make my life easier. I owe you.

McVal said...

Awe! What great pictures and what a good looking family!

Frances said...

Mark, I was happy to create this just for you!

Our son joined the Army before he turned 18. He went in right after high school at 18, went to Iraq when he was 19. Then after a year home, he headed to Afghanistan. He will be home in September! Yeah!

He also had his son, when he was 18, then got married and divorced when he came back from Iraq. His 17 year old wife could not manage to be faithful while he was gone, sadly.

But we love his son, Jacob, and Chance is a great daddy. We are so proud of him!

Frances said...

Thanks, Val!

SonyaAnn said...

They are adorable. You are blessed! Have a great weekend!