Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July holiday!

We did. I had a 3 day weekend, so that ensured I had a good one. Saturday was just a day of relaxing. I didn't even go to the grocery store! Hubby ran and picked up a few things we needed. We saved money by me NOT going to the store. Yeah for saving money!

Sunday, Hubby, Samantha and John went to the Astros afternoon game. Astros lost. Poor Astros...they are not doing well this season.

While they were gone, Meredith called to see if we were busy as she and the boys wanted to come and visit. I told her to come on over as Hubby would be home soon. So they did. We had and excellent visit! The boys were so happy to see us. And we had a ball entertaining them. When they went home that night, Hubby and I were exhausted! Toddlers are a perfect sleep aid. LOL!

Monday, we met Samantha and John to have pizza for lunch and they shared some exciting news. They are engaged! And the cool thing...Samantha proposed! I thought that was so cool. John said he was planning to propose, but wanted to wait until they had saved some money. Sam just beat him to it. They don't plan to get married anytime soon, but they are engaged. And, no, Sam is not pregnant. That is the first thing her mom asked her...weird woman.

So, we got to visit with kids and grandkids and had a great weekend.

Hope you all had a great one, as well.


SonyaAnn said...

Sounds like Heaven!!!!!!

Mark said...

Okay, you have a large cast of characters around you and no photos of them. It's going to take me forever to know who is who. I'm glad that you enjoyed your Holiday. And Toddlers are a lot of work? Hmmm, I never noticed. m.

Anonymous said...

Oh my daughter Kara in Florida was just engaged last night, so wxciting, oh and no she isn't pregnant and no wedding date set!

McVal said...

My son got engaged over the 4th too! They're planning either summer 2012 or fall 2012 wedding. I'll be making the dresses, so if they both don't have good jobs by then, I'll take my time finishing them.... ;)

McVal said...

Oh and not pregnant here either!!!

Frances said...

It was, SonyaAnn!

Mark, I will post some photos. I forget not everyone has "met" my family.

And, yes, toddlers are a lot of work when you are old and said toddlers don't live with you. LOL!

Frances said...

Marilyn, congrats to Kara!

Frances said...

Val, I am so relieved you son is not pregnant!

Congrats to him on his engagement!

slugmama said...

your Sam, Val's Ryan and Marilyn's Kara....Hmmmm....I think something is in the air!lol
Congrats to all of them!!

And get some pics up for Mark. And remind him there will be a quiz.lolol

We had a very low key 4th weekend too. Sometimes lowkey is what's needed, huh? ;-)