Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I actually sewed this weekend.

As, I have posted before, our son Chance is currently serving in Afghanistan. One night on Facebook, he commented that it was really chilly and he could use a blanket and hot chocolate. I sent a message asking if the Army didn't provide blankets. LOL! He responded that they did, but he was still cold, so I offered to make him a blanket. I had told him that I would for Christmas, but decided I would do it early. He thought that was a wonderful idea.

So, last weekend, I went to Hancock Fabrics, my closest fabric store, and spent 30 minutes looking at all the fleece. I just couldn't find exactly what I wanted. But I looked at every bolt, some of them multiple times and finally settled on this one...
I didn't want to get camo, since I figured Chance was sick of camo, but I really like this one with the peace signs on it. It is not really a camo pattern, just has some camo colors. There is also some blue in it. I really like it. I bought 2 1/2 yards, since Chance is 6'4" and was really glad that it was on sale. It is the good stuff! Regular price $12.99/yard!

Sunday, I pulled out my sewing machine and after trimming off the rough selvages, sewed a hem around it, using a zig zag stick for strength. It was a totally easy finish and much quicker than any fringing method. I have made tied fleece blankets, but they take a lot longer and I wanted to get this done and sent.

It was pretty "fluffy" so would fill the priority mail box, but I had the brilliant idea to package it up using my Seal a Meal and it worked! I was able to shrink it down to quarter size, so could fit a bunch of other goodies in the box, including hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

I love making stuff for my family.


Queenie Jeannie said...

I just know he's going to love it! PLUS it's handmade from Mom and therefore even more precious! Thank you for your son's service!!! God bless him and keep him safe.

Hugs for you too!

Frances said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Jeannie!

And thanks to you and your family for your service. I pray, nightly, for God to watch over all our military personnel.

McVal said...

He's going to LOVE it! Great print too!
Good job.

Frances said...

Thanks, McVal. I sure hope he does.