Monday, July 7, 2014

"Working my way back to you, babe."

I was thinking about posting something, since I had not in a while and for some reason this song popped in to my head. I listened to it and thought it was a great way to start a Monday morning, so wanted to share. For those who were never disco queens, this will not bring back the fond memories it does for me. Please enjoy the music....

Hubby and I continue to dig our way out of the mountains of boxes created by our move. Here are some views of our apartment.

Ha Ha! And that is only from a couple of angles. I didn't even take any pics of the second bedroom, which is still FULL of boxes. LOL!

We spent the weekend in hibernation emptying boxes. So, it looks much better now than it did last week. Our bedroom and the bathroom are habitable. We have a place to sit in the living room and the kitchen is usable, finally. We have pretty much eaten nothing but take out for the last 2 weeks. Which would bother me, except that there were no bit trips to the grocery store during that time, so we may not have gone too far overboard. But even if we did, I am not going to worry about it. I have been working overtime, and getting paid for it, for almost the last year and it has just been growing in the bank, so I think we can just spend some of it during this move.

Hubby called to let me know he is headed to the grocery store so he can cook some REAL food. Yeah!! I wasn't going to ask him to, since he is unpacking while I am at work, but I am ready for some good home cooked food. Though we have been getting some pretty good take out, it still does not compare to home cooked.

Well, back to work for a while.

Happy Monday, all!


McVal said...

Congrats on your new place! Things have a way of settling into their correct places eventually...
And yay to new food!

Sonya Ann said...

Saving money is all about planning but life seems to get in the way of that. LOL
Just go with it and I'm with McVal-congrats!