Monday, December 23, 2013

He's gone again and Happy Holidays!

After staying with us for 5 weeks, our son has moved into his own place. I didn't post updates, but he was busy the entire time he stayed with us and kept me really busy, too! He looked for jobs, he enrolled in school, he shopped for apartments and he did his Christmas shopping.

It was a lot of fun looking at apartments with him and shopping for new stuff for his home. He did have a fully furnished apartment when he was in the Army and put his stuff in storage when he deployed to Afghanistan. Then his storeroom was robbed! Stupid people! They did go to jail for it, but he never got his stuff back, so he only had what he had in his barracks when he got back from deployment. So we shopped...and it was fun. He is a good bargain shopper and was so thankful for everything we got for him.

Last week, Hubby and my MIL helped him move his stuff into his new place. I have not seen it yet, but will when I am invited. I don't invite myself anywhere. I have texted with him a few times and he is doing fine. He found a job that is not the one he was hoping for, but will work around his class schedule. He had several options and decided if the job he wanted the most didn't call, then it meant he was supposed to go to school, so that is his plan now. The GI Bill will pay for school, plus give him a living stipend, so he should manage fine with that and his little job he took.

Hubby and I are ready for Christmas! I was really behind in the jam making and baking area, so made jam and baked bread this weekend. Tomorrow is our family get together and Christmas Day will just be Hubby and me. I am also off on Thursday. So work today, off 3 days, work Friday, off 3 days. I could get used to this schedule. LOL!

Hope everyone is excited about Christmas!
Check it out! Google made my tree twinkle!


Linda said...

How did you get your Christmas tree picture to twinkle? That is a good work schedule to have. Did the people rob his storage unit because they knew he would be gone and not check back often?

Frances said...

I took the pic with an Android device...not a phone, just a media player. I uploaded to my Google account and the twinkle was added. I think you can add effects, but Google just did it to my tree.

The people that robbed my son's storage units were just robbing units. They didn't know it was his. And it was off base, so they didn't know it belonged to military personnel.

Sonya Ann said...

I think you and your hubs are spectacular people/parents. I'm lucky to call you my friend. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Frances said...

Thank you, SonyaAnn! I fell blessed to have such wonderful kids. It is easy to be a good parent to them.