Friday, December 27, 2013

Easiest work day of the year!

Because this is what it sounds like in my office. I LOVE it! There are 8 people on my team and only 2 of us are here today. I thought 2 other people would be here, but apparently they decided to take off. Hey, I am not the boss...they don't have to tell me in advance. There are about 50 people that are on our quarter of the floor and today there are 5 of us here. It is so quiet!

Our office was closed on Christmas Day and yesterday. I took Christmas Eve off, so worked Monday and today. I could have taken vacation days for both of those as I have plenty of time left, but we didn't have plans at home and I don't like to take all of Christmas week off as so many people are out. I think it makes my boss more comfortable about taking time off if I am here. Plus, with so few people here, I can get SO MUCH WORK DONE, even while spending some quality goof off time. (Okay, some call it lunch.)

I am looking forward to my last 3 day weekend of December. I will be trying out one of my Christmas presents from Hubby....a Ball Automatic Jam Maker. I am not going to talk about it, since when they first came out, I could not get one to review, even though I make jam all the time, lived on the Ball website and have more readers than a lot of bloggers that got one to review. So there, Ball, take that.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week and has a great weekend!


Sonya Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful work day and it sounds like your boss appreciates you. Like he should.
Can't wait to hear about your jam making experience?

Frances said...

It WAS a wonderful day! I wish they were all like that. Of course, we would not get lots done with that many people out every day.

I made jelly today! YUM!

McVal said...

I'm back today to work after being off all last week. It is dead and the chick that works on the East coast is gone this week, so it will be QUIET!!!! At least until the few on the West coast come in.
I should get lots done today...

Frances said...

Val, I hope you got a LOT done yesterday. I am planning to get a lot done today! It is pretty empty again, though not as empty as Friday was.