Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Older and wiser?....Maybe so...

Last week, Meredith celebrated her 27th birthday. Yes, she is 27 now! It is hard to believe. But it does not make me feel old, as I have only been a mom for 15 1/2 years. LOL!

We didn't get to see her until this past Sunday when she, Theo, Wyatt, Samantha and her bf, Nile, and Bob's mom came over and we all went out to eat at Johnny Tamale. It is a Mexican food place and the food is okay. Of course, even okay Mexican food is better than no Mexican food. LOL! And it really was good. It is just that there are cheaper places around here with better food. But Meredith chose, so that is where we went.

Here is a pic of Theo singing happy birthday to Meredith. Doesn't she look attentive? Wyatt is on Meredith's left.

Here is a pic of Wyatt smiling. Oh, wait, he is ALWAYS smiling.The white haired lady is Hubby's mom and the cutie pie face on the right is Hubby.

I only got a few pics and didn't use a flash, so they were not that good. But, oh well.

Hubby gave Theo and Wyatt a new Hot Wheels car each. I told them to not let aunt Sammy see them as she likes to eat them. Then showed them the pic below (this is at another restaurant when we ate with Jacob a few weeks ago.).
She chased them around outside wanting to eat their cars. She is obliging that way.

Yes, we are a goofy family.


slugmama said...

Ah to be 27 again....

Happy Bday to Meredith.
And yes, you ARE a goofy family.....they are the best kind! lol

Sonya Ann said...

You are a goofy and perfect family! They are precious and you did a great job raising them!
Happy 27th to Meredith!

Frances said...

Goofy and perfect....definitely the best kind. LOL!