Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Alcohol sucks!"

That is what Hubby said last night. LOL! We are at the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana and Hubby overdid it just a bit.

This Thursday, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary. We have now outlasted both of our first marriages combined. :-)

We had talked about going to Vegas for our 15th, but after spending months recovering from a pulled hamstring, I did not love the idea of all the walking that going to Vegas entails. So, I suggested to Hubby that we take the money that we would spend for airfare and hotel for a Vegas trip and use that to gamble with at the Coushatta. He thought that was a great idea. My baby does love to gamble.

So, I took this week off and we headed to LA yesterday, and checked into our "chalet" around 2:30, brought everything in and got it put away to our liking. I have blogged in the past about our fondness for the chalets here a the Coushatta. It already looks like we live here. And we could, except that there is not anywhere near enough room for all our stuff.

Around 5, we headed to the casino for some gambling action. Hubby headed to the video poker. I headed to the slots. The casino adds free plays to players cards and sends a mailer about the free plays every month, trying to entice card holders to come back to the casino. This month, I had $30 in free play on my card. Hubby had $5 on his. I think the amounts must have to do with how often you come and how much you play. Since I come at least once a year with my girlfriend, I play more money, but certainly not 6 times more than Hubby. So maybe it has to do with how long you have been coming.

So, I started playing with my free money yesterday. I NEVER had to put any of my own money in a machine and I walked out $65.50 up. Yes! I won without using any of my money. How cool is that?!

I came back to the chalet to watch "Dancing With the Stars". Yes, DWTS trumps gambling for me. But we are here for 3 nights and 4 days, so with an extra day, I don't have to worry about not getting enough time in the casino. If I am having fun, I can stay and watch any shows on Hulu Plus later, or I can take a break. I love vacations!

Hubby stayed playing and said he be back to the chalet in an hour or so to make dinner. I told him he didn't need to cook, but he already had dinner planned so that is what he was going to do. He got back and I didn't notice anything until he bumped into the wall and said, "Alcohol sucks!" He was DRUNK! LOL! I knew he planned to drink, but I didn't pay attention to what or how much he was drinking, as he is not much of a drinker anymore. Well, someone should have paid attention, I guess. He was too funny and I watched him really closely. Once he got some food in him, he was a little better. He had talked about going back to the casino, but decided to stay in and watch a little tv and go to bed.

He said he does not understand how people abuse alcohol, as it was not fun at all. LOL! I told him you have to build up a tolerance, not just jump right in. I think he will take it a little easier today. I guess he wasn't too drunk, he came home up $5.75. :-)

He was up early, washing dishes, straighening up and said he felt fine, so I guess he didn't abuse too much. After I got up around 7, he decided to take a nap fo a nap for a while.

I am just relaxing with a book...well, with my netbook right now. After while, we will get ready and head over for some more gambling fun!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Annie said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you are having a good time.

SonyaAnn said...

Happy Anniversary! And Happy gambling! I just love roulette.
Your hubs is so cute! I think that you were right that he needs to work into it not jump in feet first. Made me laugh.

McVal said...

Happy anniversary!!! Have a fabulous rest of the vacation!

Frances said...

Thanks, Annie, SonyaAnn and McVal! We are having a great time.

And we are still both ahead in the gambling. :-)