Monday, October 10, 2011

We are at the casino!

Well, not right now. Now we are taking a break and relaxing. It would be a bit of a pain to carry my netbook around the casino. LOL!

We got up early this morning. Ugh! Hubby made me get up early on my vacation. But it was okay, since we got on the road a little before 8 am. We made the drive in 3 hours and were able to check in to our room at 11. Hubby was so glad. Checkin is actually at 3, but Hubby wanted to see if our room was ready as he likes to unload and put everything up before anything else.

We are staying in what is called a "chalet", which is like a small one bedroom mobile home. Not really mobile as they are skirted and have a nice deck with picnic table and grill. We really like staying in them as the bedroom is separate, so if one person wants to stay up when the other is ready for bed, there is no problem as the living room is a separate area. There is also a full kitchen which is great for us as we just bring a lot of food, so no extra food spending. We will get some comped meals at the casino, but we will also eat some "at home."

Oh, and the best part...the room is comped. So FREE!

We did some gambling already and had fun. We lost a little, but I was happy as I usually have terrible luck in the afternoon and I had better luck today.

Wish me luck for the evening gambling! I will let you know how we do.


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the casino!!! Enjoy your mini vaca


Frances said...

Thanks, Judy!

Mark said...

So, it's the next day. Did you win? I hope so!

Frances said...

Mark, I lost some and won some. It is the end of the second day and I still have some money left. I don't know if we will gamble in the morning or not. Hubby has more than he started with! I did for a while, but couldn't quit playing. :-(

McVal said...

Good job on your winnings!!

Clint said...

Ah, you do run the risk of losing when gambling, but all would be worth it if you win the jackpot! It's one the best ways to relieve stress too! Good thing you thought about it while you were on vacation. How often did you go to the casino back then?

Clint Fillmore