Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still beating the odds...

Yes, I am still winning at the casino. So far I have not even had to gamble with my own money! Yeah! I had $30 in free plays the first day and played on that for hours and came back with $65. WooHoo!

Yesterday, I took that $65 plus my "daily allotment" of $$. I sat at the first machine and the free play logo popped up. I clicked it and had $30 in free play again! Yeah, again! I played on that and my winnings from the previous day and came back at the end of the night $40 up. So, yes, I lost some of that money, but it was not MY money, so I don't care. And I had a ball! Hubby didn't do quite so well, so didn't have as much fun as I did. Hopefully, he will have more fun today.

The casino was really crowded yesterday with lots of OLD people, as Tuesdays are 55+ Day. There is a free slot tournament for anyone 55 and over and the buffet is $5.50. Since Hubby is 55, of course we checked that out. LOL!

We felt really YOUNG all day, because comparatively speaking, we were.

Today, we have been relaxing and are getting ready to head "into town" for lunch at a little Cajun restaurant. Yes, we have food here, but Hubby has never eaten at the place we are going. And, we are on vacation.

Then back to the casino to try and get some more money. Wish us luck!


McVal said...

We do the same thing with restaurants on vacation. If we're on vacation, you don't want to eat the same old same old!
Try something new!
Have fun!

Mark said...

Ah, so you're "rich" now, huh? Any chance you're into younger guys...?

Mark said...

p.s. Did I mention that I'm a clean freak!

Frances said...

Dear Mark, I USED to be in to younger guys. Now I am only in to one older guy.

He's a clean freak, too.

But if I lose him, you are tops on my list! :-)

SonyaAnn said...

Nothing better than casino time!!