Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, Y'all!

I had the loveliest New Year weekend and hope you all did, too.

Saturday was a lazy day. Oh, wait, not that lazy. Hubby and I took down all our Christmas decorations, packed up and put them away. Then thoroughly vacuumed the living room. It looks nice and clean, though a little naked. It made me a bit sad.

Hubby and I are both former bartenders, so we do NOT go out on New Year's Eve. I don't know if they still do, but the bartenders I worked with referred to NYE as "amateur night", when all the non-drinkers went out and got stupid. So we don't do that....anymore. LOL! We did go eat Mexican food, but were back hope before the craziness began. We stayed in and watched "The Help" on dvd and both really enjoyed it. At midnight, we wished each other a Happy New Year and happy anniversary, as we met 16 years ago on New Year's Eve. Well, actually it was around 1:20 in the morning, but it was New Years.

Sunday WAS a relaxing day. We just hung out at home doing pretty much nothing. Hubby recently discovered "Breaking Bad" on Netflix and wanted me to check it out as he has really been enjoying it. So we watched multiple episodes and were up until around 3 this morning. We are such animals.

Today, we went and ate pizza for lunch and did a few errands, including going to Kroger, where we hit the jackpot in the clearance bins. We got a lot of canned veggies, including a can of artichoke hearts for .99! I also found 3 boxes of vital wheat gluten, which I use so that I can make bread without buying bread flour. I am set for a LONG time, now.

This evening we watches some more episodes of "Breaking Bad" and now I am sitting here, gearing myself up for work tomorrow. WooHoo!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's weekend!


Annie said...

Oh, how funny! Shane and I watched "The Help" on NYE, too (and, yes, he liked it as much as I did) We were supposed to have gone to a party but we decided staying in sounded better.

We haven't started Breaking Bad yet. We're going to finish the last season of Big Love first. It's available on Netflix starting tomorrow.

slugmama said...

Sounds like a nice NYE. I wish I hadn't had that last drink....and that's ALL I'm

Here's to a great 2012 for us all!!!

Mark said...

First, Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!
It sounds like a wonder time to me. I would've joined you but there would be no way that I could ever stay up to 3a.m. In fact, some days, that's when I wake up.
Have a great day! Now I need to go check out what Breaking Bad is.

McVal said...

That sounds like a great time! My husband loves Breaking Bad too. I just can't get past seeing that guy as the funny dad on Malcomb in the Middle...
I didn't have a single alcoholic drink on Saturday night! no wait... there was communion at church... Ok just one and I wasn't acting stupid at all!

SonyaAnn said...

I got drunk but not stupid at the neighbors. It was a good time and my neighbor let me see her boobs. Well she wanted me to see her new bra, she drank a lot too. But she has a nice rack so it was all good. I wish that you were there.

Frances said...

Thanks, everyone, for coming to see me!