Sunday, August 14, 2011

No groceries for you!

That is what the Lord said to me today.

I went to Kroger to buy some groceries. Not a lot of stuff, as there were not any outstanding deals, but we needed some milk and produce and a few other items.  There were some black clouds in the area, but we had some yesterday and not a drop of rain at my house. Big fake rain clouds! I was hoping they would drop a little rain and hoped to dance through it after grocery shopping. Yes, it has been that long since we had rain that I was hoping to get wet.

As it always happens, when I get to the store, I find a few more items that I need. LOL! So, I had about a 1/2 cart load and moseyed up to the checkout. I got into the line with a guy who had just unloaded his not too full cart, so figured I would be out of there pretty quickly.

Not so fast, little lady! While the checker was scanning the man's items it started thundering and lightning. Then there was a loud crack! And the power went out!

No big deal. We all know stores get back on line pretty quick.

Well, not today. The staff was so great and came to each checkout letting everyone know that the managers were on the phones...I guess cell phones since the land lines weren't working....with Corporate trying to get everything back up.

Some people started leaving. I am pretty patient, so I waited....and waited...and waited......

45 minutes later, they still didn't know when the registers would be back up. So I came home.

No groceries for me today. Hubby will have to go to the store this week. He won't mind, so it is not so bad.


~Carla~ said...

Wow, you are patient! Idhave left after 10 minutes truth be told!! lol!

Mark said...

Usually, during checkout, I grab a Hershey Bar and start eating it and then give the cashier the wrapper to ring it up. I wonder if they would have let me have it for free had that happen to me?
And I agree with Carla, you are very patient. m.

spaghetti0625 said...

I hate when when happens! But don't they normally ring it up by hand then after? What did stores do before registers?

I worked as a cashier at Home Depot years ago, but never had that problem...guess we had good backup generators....but I vaguely remember a story about shop rite when we had that blackout/brownout years ago (maybe 7) when I worked at the bank...the cashiers did it all by idea how that worked for inventory control though.

Frances said...

Carla, I am super patient. And I had spent 30 minutes loading my cart. I sure didn't want to give up until I had to.

Frances said...

Mark, you would have gotten a free Hershey bar. I saw several people tell the manager that they had some drinks they had been drinking and she told them not to worry about it.

Frances said...

Spaghetti, I guess they could have started doing it by hand if anyone paid cash. But I rarely see anyone doing that. The credit/debit card machines would not have worked. And they would not have been able to get checks approved.

Normally the registers come back up, but I think lightning hit something and knocked them totally out.

SonyaAnn said...

I don;t think that I would have waited that long. Well if the kids were home-I would have stayed all night.