Monday, August 15, 2011

Making vanilla extract

I did it! I have my vanilla extract brewing. As promised to a couple of people, I thought I would share my making of it.

I started with 7 vanilla beans I bought off of Amazon for only $6, a pint of vodka and a quart size canning jar.
Then I cut each of the vanilla beans in half and split them most of the way. I did not scrape out the guts
Then I put the cut up vanilla beans in the jar.

I pretended to take a swig. I didn't want to gross anyone out by actually drinking from the bottle that I was going to pour into the vanilla beans.

I poured the vodka over the vanilla beans, put on the lid and shook it up.

Now it is living in a dark part of the pantry for the next couple of months. I will take it out and shake it up a few times a week.
I will update you on how it comes along.


Anonymous said...

Let me know how it comes out. And by the way we have the same glasses.


Mark said...

And I wouldn't have cared if you drank straight from the bottle.

McVal said...

$6 for that many??!! WHOA! I spent $8 for 2 at our grocery store... You gotta send me that link...

Frances said...

Judy, I love our glasses!

Frances said...

Mark, you would have cared if I were sending you vanilla for Christmas. Though, I imagine that the vodka would kill any germs that I might have.

Frances said...

McVal, I sent you the link today. I got them on Amazon, but the price went up to $7.76.

For anyone else, the link for 7 beans is here:

But the same seller has a better deal...16 beans for $10.07:

This seller has free shipping on all its beans.

Frances said...

I have been reading that you should use 6 beans to a cup of alcohol for FDA defined "real" vanilla extract. I may buy some more beans.

SonyaAnn said...

It's ok if you drink from the bottle, the alcohol will disinfect it!