Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I ordered more vanilla beans

After reading some more, I found that according to the FDA, "real" vanilla extract takes 6 beans per cup of alcohol. So, I ordered some more vanilla beans. I got 16 for $10.07 at Amazon. Here is the link for anyone that wants it:

16 Vanilla Beans

I will add them and some more vodka to what is brewing. After all, I do want REAL vanilla extract. (Though, vanilla flavored vodka wouldn't be too bad.)

Here is the link for what I bought before. 7 beans, but the price is now $7.76. That is still a good price.

7 Vanilla Beans


McVal said...

wow! I had no idea it takes that many!

Frances said...

There are a lot of different recipes. I figure more is better, right?