Friday, February 25, 2011

Missing my bloggy friends

It was rough this week, not being able to check out blogs while at work. :-(

I adjusted pretty well to my new office. I don't love it, but it will do. I was really busy this week, so the week went by pretty fast. That is a good thing, since I love my weekends so much. LOL!

Chance is in town this week for R&R, but we have not seen him. I don't know what he is doing, but I guess he is enjoying his time away from Afghanistan.

Tomorrow, Hubby and I will head to Galveston for our annual day "at the beach" for the Galveston Mardi Gras. It is supposed to be a nice day, so it will be perfect for watching parades, catching beads and catching up with some friends I haven't seen in a while. I will try and get some festive pics to share.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


SonyaAnn said...

Funny I was just looking at the pic of you and sweet knees and I was wondering when you were going to get another picture!
Have fun!

Frances said...

We got another today, SonyaAnn. I will try to get it up tomorrow.

McVal said...

I hope you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see your pics.

SonyaAnn said...

Hope all is going well, I'm having Frances withdrawals!