Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I paid $2.69 for a loaf of bread.

Yes, you are seeing the correct price...that is not a typo.

Most people that know me know that I am pretty chear...errr...frugal. I spend the least amount of money that I can manage on everything I buy. And I am not afraid to ask for a discount or better price if I think I can get it.

For years, we bought bread at the bakery thrift store. It was cheap and it tasted fine. I forget what brand it was. But it would get stale pretty quickly. So, I started buying Kroger brand. It was inexpensive and tasted good, but it would mold pretty quickly. So, I tried Sunbeam. It was almost as inexpensive as Kroger brand and seemed to be on sale all the time and it tasted good. But it fell apart.

So, Hubby asked me, quite nicely, if I could please buy Mrs. Baird's bread. It is good, does not get stale or moldy too quickly and does not fall apart. It also costs $2.69 when not on sale. When it is on sale B1G1, I will get a couple of loaves and freeze one. We used to freeze a lot of bread, but it seemed to get stale faster if it had been frozen for a while. Maybe it was our imagination...I don't know.

So, we splurge on bread. There, I have admitted it. Hubby does not ask for many particular brand names, so on this, I relented and tamed my frugal tendencies.

And yes, I bake bread and it is delicious, but we like store bought bread for sandwiches. There, I have admitted that, too.


slugmama said...

I am in shock....shock I tell ya!lolol

As a spokesperson of the frugal board of trustees, I am here to tell you that we will not be drumming you out of the club for this flagrant violation of frugal policy. I believe the new frugal regulation states a cut-off of $3 per loaf. You have a .31¢ cushion there girlie before we take action and revoke your chea....er, frugal card.
So watch it!

Frances said...

Thank goodness!!! I promise you, I will NOT pay over $3 for a loaf of bread. Hubby will have to deal with cheap, moldy, stale, falling apart bread if Mrs. Baird's goes over $3 a loaf.

SonyaAnn said...

You are a better person than me. I think that I would choke on the bread if I had to pay that much for a loaf of bread and it didn't have a designer label on it!

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I am not a better person than you. We all pay for what is important to us, right? I would choke on you cell phone bill. LOL!

See, we are both frugal.