Thursday, January 27, 2011

I will sure miss my printable coupons.

I JUST realized that I am going to soon lose a source of printable coupons!!

For the last I don't know how many years, I have had a nice color deskjet printer on my desk at work. In my lovely cube, with enough privacy to print any printable coupons that I found and needed. Then if it was a really good one, I could print a second one or two at home after work. This has worked out well for me for years.

Now, our company is moving to a new building....with no cubes...and no printers on desks. We will be working in an "open environment" at "workstations" instead of in cubicles. They look like this:
The only diffenence is that several of the people in my group have dual monitors, so there will be 2 monitors, but other than that, the above is it. I am adaptable...I can adapt to this. After all, years ago, I left a job with a nice office to come to one in a cubicle. (Better job at least.) And I adaptad. My boss and one co-worker, on the other hand, HATE the idea. My boss is leaving an office to this! At least he will be on an end pod, near windows.

Anyway, we will have printers to use, but I think that it might not be the wisest thing to print coupons and race the printer hoping no one would see them first. LOL!

Though, depending on what lunchtime looks like in the new building, I might be able to print someme then. That is when I print them now, as I TRY to limit my internet surfing to my lunchtime, which is pretty flexible. LOL!

So, I may look my extra printable coupon source. Bummer.

On a bright note, I got a perfect attendance award at work for the 4th Quarter of 2010. Accompanying the certificate was a most lovely $100 American Express giftcheck.

Of course, it is going in the bank.


Dr. Mom said...

My husband's office went to this when they moved to a new building. He adapted but still hates it. He has a naturally loud voice which can be irritating to those who work close to him. Now that I think about it, he has gotten much quieter... Still so much for any privacy!

Frances said...

Hi, Dr. Mom. Thanks for coming to see me. I am glad your husband adapted, but know that the hating of it may never go away. What is funny is that several companies in our area that have been open concept for years are remodelling to go back to offices.

There are a lot of "huddle" and phone rooms in our new building for when you need privacy. I imagine they will be full all the time.

Annie Jones said...

Congrats on the AmEx gift check and having perfect attendance.

I would really dislike that kind of work environment. I can handle people seeing what I'm working on, but I am uncomfortable having anyone listen to me when I'm on the phone. Doesn't matter if it's business or personal. Even at home, I take my phone behind closed doors when I take or make a call. I guess I'm just weird.

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. Thanks for the congrats!

I don't want people to hear me on the phone either and I can't let anyone see what I am working on. We have a really strictly defined confidentiality policy and it is going to be hard to keep people from seeing what I am doing. It is preparing contract documents, nothing super secret. But we have an insane vp that actually orders desk audits, nightly, to make sure people don't have anything accessible to "outsiders".

Oh yeah and we have to use a badge to get into the building, past security and onto our floor. Still, someone MIGHT get there to steal our secrets.

SonyaAnn said...

Great job on attendance. I should get one for not skipping out on the family!;)
I bet you will find a way to print the coupons. Maybe you can have a co-worker run interference?
Have a great weekend!

slugmama said...

Every time they remodel Hubs building at work, they get less personal space....offices went away, then cubicles went away and now it's work stations. And he even lost his office and he's a director. bleh.
I guess next time they'll have a "musical desk" set up where the last one in for the day, has to stand up in the corner and Just ridiculousness....

Congrats on the award$. Nice little incentive! That would keep me coming back every day....well, that and the

McVal said...

Wow! So no privacy huh? That will take some major adjusting...

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn and Sluggy!

Sluggy, my boss is a director, too. Actually, in the new building, NOONE will have offices. Our president will be at a workstation.

I foresee musical desks in our future.

Frances said...

No privacy, McVal. Well, except in the bathroom. LOL!

Precious said...

Congrats on that award and gift certificate!

Anonymous said...

I so understand. I dont print many because of the cost of ink. I do have a few stores that load coupons on there store cards, but otherwise I am out of luck


Anonymous said...

I so understand. I dont print many because of the cost of ink. I do have a few stores that load coupons on there store cards, but otherwise I am out of luck


Frances said...

Thanks, Precious! Any kind of recognition is good.

Judy, I bought a refill kit for my ink cartridges at home and refill them myself. It is a lot cheaper than buying cartridges, for sure. Thanks for coming to see me!