Monday, January 17, 2011

How did all that stuff fit in there?

Happy Monday, everyone!

I did not reorganize my stockpile as I mentioned last week. Instead, I finished weeding out clothing. I tackled my dresser drawers and the shoe graveyard under my bed. I have 4 dresser drawers and cannot believe the amount of things I had in there that I did not need anymore. Old raggedy pjs that I don't wear anymore, socks I don't like, purses I will never use again and bras that do not fit.

Why did I keep bras that were too small?? Ummm because I might fit back into them someday? I don't even know. But I loaded up a kitchen trash back of clothes, purses and shoes to be donated. And a small plastic grocery bag of stuff went to the dumpster. I will not donate old socks, even if they are not raggedy. They are not pristine and white, so they were not donate worthy. I never liked the style...they were not comfortable...but just never threw them away. That was just silly.

I also had a bunch of pairs of ones. My mom would send me a pair or two every winter and they just don't wear out. So I had quite a few pairs.

I referred to the shoe graveyard under my bed. That is where shoes that I don't like, but were in too good a shape to throw away lived. One pair I wore once. They were not comfortable, so I left them under the bed. Silly me. They, and a couple other pairs, are being donated. Now all that is under the bed is jam. LOL!

I ran to Walgreens and Kroger on Saturday. I stocked up a bunch of things from Walgreens to sent in care packages to Chance. I did one order of the stuff that would get RRs, then did a second order that had no RR items and used the RRs to pay. That way I don't have to worry about getting back there within 2 weeks. I spent $27, but saved $70. I know I could have spent less, but Chance doesn't ask for much, so I willingly spend a little extra for things he does really like.

My Kroger bill would have been pretty low, but Hubby had asked me to buy some ground beef, since we were out. (No good sales in a while.) I did not even KNOW it was on sale for $1.57/lb. Not cheap, but cheaper than it has been in a while. So, I bought 15 lbs. I may go by today or tomorrow and get a little more. I have not decided. I really miss $.99/lb ground beef.

I took my girlfriend to see Black Swan, and I loved it as much the second time as I did the first time. Then we went to eat a late lunch at Chilis. It was yummy.

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing. I love those kinds of weekends.


Annie Jones said...

I think $1.57/lb for ground beef is an ok price, even for the fattier kind. I rarely see it for less than that anymore, and when I do, there is strict limit on how much you can get.

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. I have my fabric stash under my bed. I really need to sew some things or just give the fabric away.

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. I have to admit we buy the fattier kind. I haven't seen it this cheap in a long time either. Surprisingly, there were no limits, which meant the display normally full of ground beef chubs was totally empty. Fortunately, there was some in a display case at the front of the store.

Annie Jones said...

I usually don't buy anything leaner than 85%. We either grill the burgers or if I fry it into crumbles, I drain and rinse it. We just think the leaner meat has a lot less flavor.

Also, I need the fattier meat to mix in to have any hope of a decently moist venison burger or venison meatloaf.

Frances said...

I agree with you, Annie Jones, on the less flavor. Why is it that fat makes things taste so delicious??

SonyaAnn said...

And when you get in the mood you can clean under my bed. YUCK!! I'm just starting to dejunk and then I'll start Spring cleaning. My life is so glamorous!
And you are such a good mom!

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn! I didn't actually "clean" under the bed. I guess the next step would be to vacuum under there...but I don't want to.

It is easy to be a good mom after all your kids move out. You don't want to strangle them nearly as often.

McVal said...

I want to see Black Swan, but it will have to be a girls night out kind of thing.
DID see Tron. That was ok. It was in 3D and I got a headache from the glasses. If you watch it without the glasses, then it looks like the tv in my bedroom... So I kept the glasses to see if my tv is really 3D tv.... It's not...

Frances said...

McVal, I don't know that you would have to do the girls's night out to see Black Swan. I saw it first with Hubby, Samantha and her bf, John. Both of the guys really liked it. Of course, they are both big fans of Darren Aronofsky films. Your hubby might like it.

My hubby and LOVED Tron! We are a little geeky sometimes.

I'm sorry your bedroom tv is not 3D.

slugmama said...

If I ever saw $1.57lb. g beef here I think I'd rent a U-Haul and buy it all!....right after I bought a freezer to put it all
Good deal.

Hubs and I did take a ride to the food outlet today tho since he was off from work. We got some ground turkey and chicken for $1 a lb. I wish I had room to get more than a couple of rolls.

And I need to do my closet as it's a total mess. Nothing under my bed but school supplies and wrapping paper....and dust bunnies. No room for spare shoes. I have a drawer full of hose and knee-hi hose. I haven't wore hose in almost 10 yrs....what am I thinking still having that?lol

Love hearing about your decluttering.

Frances said...

Hi, Sluggy! The last time we got a UHaul worth of hamburger, it was around $1.19/lb and we bought 22 lbs.

15 should last us for a while, but I am wondering if I should stop on the way home. Or send Hubby tomorrow. He is taking his car in to have the brakes checked and he could run into Kroger on the way home. Hmmmm....I will talk to him about it tonight.