Friday, January 14, 2011

Alone again....


Anyone remember THAT song? LOL!

Hubby has gone camping again. "There are 4 football games on this weekend." Ummmm...okay.

He actually made this reservation several months ago and this week decided to cancel it since he just went last weekend. But, if he canceled this week, he would have lost the money he already paid for the reservation. I told him I didn't mind if he went. I am not afraid to be alone.

Since he will be gone, that derails my idea of going through all our books this weekend. He needs to be there, as a lot of them are his. So, I think I will be cleaning out and organizing my HBA stockpile. It currently lives under the counter in our second bathroom and it is pretty disorganized. I will pull everything out and put back in a nice orderly fashion. I think there is probably some stuff I can donate as well. We seem to have a TON of lotion and haven't bought any for years. Clearly we do not use as much lotion as I thought we did when purchasing. It will also make it easier to know what we have and where there are holes.

I will also spend much time relaxing. LOL! I will of course have to go to the grocery store and I have a list of Walgreens deals to pick up. But I think that will be the extent of my travel away from home on Saturday.

Sunday, I am taking my girlfriend to either lunch or dinner and to see Black Swan. Her birthday is next Monday, so we are celebrating a little.

Happy weekend to all!


Diane said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Have fun.

Annie Jones said...

I'm enjoying my weekend WITH Shane. He's going to work out of town again next week, so I'll be "alone again" then.

Be sure to tell us what you think of the movie.

Frances said...

Hope you have a good weekend, too, Diane.

Hi, Annie Jones. Hope you and Shane are having a good weekend, too.

I saw Black Swan when it first opened and I loved it. My gf studied ballet for years and loves anything ballet, so I think she will really like it. It was good enough that I want to see it again.