Friday, October 29, 2010

Ways the Library Can Save You Money

I found this article on RedPlum and thought I would share. It was called "10 Ways..." but I only counted 7 in the article. Maybe I missed something. LOL!

By Sally Herigstad

The library is not just for books anymore. Check out your local library for these ways it could be saving you money:

Movies and sitcoms. You'd be surprised how many DVDs your library carries. You may have to wait for new releases, but there's plenty to choose from in the meantime. Libraries often carry more foreign films and documentaries - a great way to shake up your viewing habits. Beware: British comedies are quite addictive!

Exercise videos. Aren't exercise videos annoying after the twentieth viewing? With the library's collection, you could watch a different exercise video every week. At least try exercise videos out from the library before committing to buy one.

Language and other educational materials. These can cost a bundle if you have to buy them outright. And when you borrow them, there's motivation to complete the course before it can't be renewed again.

Computer use. Libraries are devoting more space now to computers to provide all their patrons with Internet access. You may not even need to pay for Internet at home if you can get to the library easily enough.

Free classes and talks. Check out the library schedule for classes on language, job hunting skills, health, genealogy, personal finance, and so on.

Few spending temptations. It's hard to spend money at the library. Unlike the local bookstore or video rental store, there's no candy for the kids to beg for, or latte stand calling to you. And an outing to the library is certain to end less badly for your pocketbook than a stroll through the mall.

Books (of course). Why buy books, and then try to find places to store them all, when you can check them out of the library? It used to be hard to find specific books, especially new or popular ones. Now, in many places you can request an interlibrary loan at no cost to you, and have the book you want sent to your library. Never buy a book without checking your library first.

I will add my own entry: ebooks! If you have an ebook reader, a lot of libraries now have ebooks to loan so you don't have to buy them.


A.Marie said...

Hey! Great Article!!! I liked it!! I also only counted 7...where's the other 3?? LOL

Frances said...

I KNOW, A. Marie. I was looking for 3 more, too.

I have to disagree with the lack of a latte shop, though. Our main library just put one in. LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

Thank you for sharing! I've gotten a few movies from the library since I shut off the satellite.
Have a great weekend!

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn. We used to check out a lot of dvds from the library before we got our Roku and Netflix. We still love our library.

Annie Jones said...

I'm pretty sure the kids' section has books on counting.

Frances said...

LOL! I would check that out, Annie Jones, but I am pretty sure I counted right. Oh, and A.Marie confirmed it.

Annie Jones said...

Oops! I didn't mean you, Frances. I meant that it should have been added to the list.

Frances said...

LOL! Annie Jones. Don't worry, I didn't think you meant me. I was thinking the author might need to go back to kindergarten.

SonyaAnn said...

We have super rude people working at our library. I cringe before asking them a question. And God save you if you ask where something is. If you are lucky, they will point. If you aren't so lucky, they insult you and tell you to look it up. Just thought you would want that info is you ever drive to Antioch to use the library!

Frances said...

That is awful, SonyaAnn! The people at our libraries are super nice. I have never met someone rude at any of our libraries.