Friday, October 22, 2010

Our son is deploying to Afghanistan

This is not a surprise....we have known about it for a while. Our baby boy will be 22 tomorrow. Happy birthday to him!
He was scheduled to deploy tomorrow, on his birthday. The day we found out when he was supposed to go, I called and booked a room at the hotel we stayed at when we went to visit him last month. So we have had our trip planned for about 3 weeks.

Chance is leaving his car with his bio mom while he is deployed. His choice...Hubby and I don't mind at all. Our oldest daughter, Meredith, told us a couple of weeks ago that her mom asked her to go to Fort Polk with her mom to drive Chance’s car back to Houston. Mere said she would. Later, bio mom told Mere that she was taking off this Thursday and Friday to go to Fort Polk and get in a last visit with Chance. Mere told her mom that she could not take off 4 days from work, so her mom suggested that Mere just drive over on Saturday.


As usual, bio mom decides what she wants to do and everyone else is supposed to work around her. Meredith told her mom that if she drove her car, they would have 2 people and 3 cars. Bio mom said that maybe our other daughter, Samantha, and  her bf, John, would be going to see Chance off, so Mere could ride with them. I guess that was the end of bio mom’s concern about the issue.

I told Mere that she could ride with Hubby and me, if Sam isn’t going, since we are going on Saturday morning. We had not found out what time Chance leaves, but decided that when we did, that would determine what time we leave on Saturday morning.

I have been worrying since then about this. Wednesday, I was driving home, thinking that I needed to call Meredith and find out if she was riding with us. Then I realized that this is not my problem. It is their mom’s problem. She is bringing the car back, so she needs to figure out how to do it. We will still let Mere ride with us, if she wants to and calls us, but I am not going to be calling and emailing people to work out bio mom’s problem.

I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to let this go. :-)

In the meantime, we have been waiting to hear what time tomorrow Chance will be leaving, I have sent message through Facebook and even sent him a text message and I do NOT text. LOL! We have not heard back from him. I got an email from Samantha that she and bf were leaving today at noon, so that meant Mere needed to ride with us.

Then Hubby calls me today. Mere called him. Her mom told her that Chance is not leaving until TUESDAY. Then I got an email from Samantha that her mom had told her the same. Stupid family! Everyone knows that Hubby and I have been waiting to hear when Chance is leaving and no one lets us know.

Hubby said we will still go tomorrow and see Chance for his birthday, stay the night, then come home on Sunday. Samantha is going tomorrow, as well. Bio mom is already there and who knows how long she is staying, but we usually manage to avoid her pretty well. Mere told Bob she does not know if she will go tomorrow or wait and see if she and her mom have to drive back over there to get Chance's car.

Hubby is leaving Monday morning to go on a week long camping trip, so we will be seeing Chance off this weekend. I don’t know who will be there when he actually leaves. Of course, they may change the day again....and again...and again. LOL! I won’t feel bad about not going, as we have spent quite a bit of time with Chance over the last month. And we will see him on his birthday.

Of course, if Chance asks his dad to come back Tuesday, Hubby probably will. That is what happened when he deployed before. We went the weekend before, then Hubby went back on the day.

So, that is what is going on with me. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


slugmama said...

Yay for you for not managing bio mom's problems!
I hope you avoid her well and have a great visit this weekend w/Chance.
Godspeed on his deployment and prayers that he gets back safely!!

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sluggy. I will give Chance your well wishes and I know he appreciates the prayers. He told me so.

spaghetti0625 said...

Wishing your son a quick and safe trip home. I'm not a mom but I can just imagine what you're going through. I see it all the time as I work for the Army. Such a hard time for any family.

Frances said...

Hi, Spaghetti. Thanks for coming to see me. It is not really tough for me to see Chance deploy. Years ago, I put all my kids in God's hands and He takes really good care of them, where ever they are.

Debbie said...

I hope you have a lovely visit. He is a brave man and we all owe him a debt we can't repay. I wish him the best.

SonyaAnn said...

I HATE having to work out crap like that. Makes me nuts. But it does sound like it would be easier just to stick to your own plans and let them do what they want. But they really never will know what they are going to do. LOL.
It does sound like you will miss them though.
Take care!
"Godspeed on his deployment and prayers that he gets back safely!!"-Double what sluggy said!

McVal said...

I'm praying for Chance's safety! Good for you on the other issue!

Frances said...

Hi, Debbie, SonyaAnn and McVal. Thanks for coming to see me!

Chance's deployment has been moved to Tuesday 10/26. We celebrated his birthday in rousing fashion.