Friday, July 16, 2010

"Who moved the seat in my car???"

(This is not the interior of my car, but one like it.)

This is the question I called to ask Hubby within 5 minutes of getting in my car to head to work this morning. He went camping this week and took my car, a Honda CRV, because it works better to carry all his camping stuff. (Though, he has fit it all in his Accord in the past.)

He got back yesterday, so I got to have my car back. My sweet baby...I love you. Errrr.... ummmm... yes...I'm talking about Hubby.

I get in this morning and the passenger seat is totally not the way it usually is. The arm rest was down...I never put it down. The head rest was raised....I never raise it. And the seat was leaned back...I ride with my seat almost straight up. And the last time Hubby and I went together anywhere in my car, I was in the passenger seat.

So I called Hubby, from the car....."Who was in my car with you?" His response, a calm "Noone. Why?"

So I told him about the passenger seat. He said he put the arm down to rest his arm on. Well, his arms ARE longer than mine. And that he put up the head rest and leaned back the seat so that it would match the driver seat. LOL! Match the driver seat!

I told him he was crazy and never do that again, since I would probably assume he was having an affair.

"Frances, you cannot possible think that." he said a little less calmly.

"No, I don't. Just don't mess up my seats."

It was really funny! And no, I did not think my husband was having an affair. I just could not figure why he kept changing the passenger seat.

He is just anal enough to want them to match when he is driving.


Annie Jones said...

I have the same problem, only with the driver's seat. I always yell, "who's been driving my van?" like Papa Bear would yell about his porridge.

Like you, I want the forward, the seat back vertical, the headrest down and the armrest up. Also the seat belt adjusted for a short person (although I consider myself of medium height).

But like your hubby, I do want the passenger-side armrest down so I can rest my arm over causes a neck cramp if I rest it on my own armrest.

Together We Save said...

That is so funny..... and odd... but funny!!

Frances said...

I am glad I am not the only one, Annie Jones!

Together, I don't think I am odd at all. Well, okay, maybe a little.

Debbie said...

How "Monk" of him! That is too funny.
I hate it when my husband takes my van camping because it stinks!

SonyaAnn said...

I would have thought the same thing!!! Yup, we would have had that same conversation!
Have a great weekend!

Frances said...

Hi, Debbie. Amazingly, my car smells fine after Hubby goes camping it in. He is kind of a neat freak and keeps it all clean and smelling good.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I think we really must be related. LOL!

McVal said...

My husband does that ALL the time when he drives my car. He moves it to the lowest furthest back position and I feel like a little kid when I climb in... that's sitting in the back seat.
ARG! So I do it to his when I drive it next.

Frances said...

Hi, McVal. That is funny that you move your hubby's seat out of spite. I love it!

I don't mind if Hubby moves the driver's seat, since he IS 7 inches taller than I am. He needs a little more room.

But the moving of the passenger seat when no one was riding in it weirded me out!